Customizable Patient
Intake Management

Phreesia provides an automated patient intake and registration platform that offers a customizable experience for your patients. The result is better patient engagement and ultimately a better experience for you and your patients.

Check-In Options with Phreesia

Whether they use a PhreesiaPad, Phreesia Mobile or an Arrivals kiosk, Phreesia provides the consumer-friendly, self-service options your patients want, ensuring meaningful engagement and more productive patient encounters.



This anywhere application permits patients to easily check in from their own mobile device at home or in your office.

Patients pre-register before their visit or when they arrive for their appointment with the Phreesia Mobile app. Additional features allow your patient to update their clinical and demographic information, as well as capture images including their photo, driver’s license and insurance card. Best of all, patients can sign forms and policies, and pay copays and outstanding balances right from their own device.


Phreesia Pad CHECK-IN

Offer your patients a private, secure office check-in experience

The PhreesiaPad is a multi-function patient registration tool allowing patients to input and update their own information. They can capture images including their photo, driver’s license and insurance card. Other features include signing consent forms, and pay copays and outstanding balances privately and securely from your waiting room.


Arrivals / Kiosk CHECK-IN

Great self-serve option for frequently returning or Mobile patients.

The Phreesia registration kiosk provides a quick and easy way for your patients to check themselves in. If you have a high-volume waiting room then this Kiosk will help reduce wait times and provide key information to patients upon arrival, such as directions to their exam room. An excellent option for no-wait practices.


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