The LiveArchive Suite

Go-to archival solutions for retaining and using patient records in a discrete, accessible, and searchable application.

LiveArchive is a Vendor-agnostic Healthcare Data Warehouse with
Intuitive Dashboards for Full Access to all Archived Patient Data.

Take archived clinical and financial records out of cold storage and make them fully accessible to your practitioners and staff. LiveArchive integrates into existing systems, so staff can use a single sign-on to search, filter, organize and interact with all of your archived clinical and financial information. Pull up patient history from your old EHR or invoice directly from legacy financials that were not migrated into your current System. This innovative archival solution will immediately improve your practice workflow. It’s like having a mini EHR or PM attached to your archived data, without the hassle or expense of maintaining legacy systems.

LiveArchive Clinical

Configured as a stand-alone application or linked to your clinical systems, LiveArchive features an intuitive dashboard with instant access to archived patient records. Patient name, medical record number (MRN) and data source location which are always visible at the top of your screen. In addition, you can organize data by its source location and quickly access both EHR Static and Financial Archive information.

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Key Features

Comprehensive Reports – Compiles patient reports with any type of data from multiple EHR systems. Generate custom reports from different providers and systems.

Advanced Search – This feature presents all results in a pop-up dialogue box. Simply click on search result to access detail screens to see the associated values. It will take you into all results and your search still applies across the board.

Problem Area Screens – This helpful feature highlight problem areas and is consistent throughout the application with common fields including Name, Date and Annotations.

Intuitive User Interface – Simplicity and healthcare workflow were top priorities when the LiveArchive Clinical Dashboard was designed.

Sidebar navigation – this innovative workflow feature allows users to quickly access different fields and information areas without returning to the home screen to start your search over.

When I logged into the LiveArchive application for the first time since the event and was able to see the detailed notes and clinical information – it brought tears to my eyes. Knowing what the organization and providers had gone through for the past few weeks thinking that they may never see that historic data again, I was so thankful to have worked with a partner like Keena to help quickly manage our cyber crisis.”


LiveArchive Financial

Leveraging our proprietary migration and archival software, LiveArchive Financial accepts patient data from your old PM or financial system and stores it in a vendor-agnostic data warehouse. Using the LiveArchive Financial Dashboard, patient billing information is readily available to your back office staff. LiveArchive Financial ensures that your medical office continues to bill patients from your previous system without having to maintain and pay for legacy PM systems. Financial Archive is an easy way to store critical patient financial data and continue to collect from archived records while remaining compliant with HIPAA, HITECH and other regulations.

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Key Features

User Role Management – Administrators can control the view any user has into your financial data, allowing full or partial access to patient information.

Dynamic Patient Search – The advanced search function allows users to search by common fields including name, date of birth, MRN account number and UCRN.

Master Patient Record – All accounts within LiveArchive Financial is associated with a Master Patient Record or Enterprise Account. Each associated account is listed out as a child account of the Master Patient Record or Enterprise Account and can be expanded to see more detail.

Comprehensive Account Display – View multiple accounts with details including balances and owners.

Sidebar Navigation – A full range of options including account notes, insurance, patient charges and payments are available in the sidebar navigation to improve your workflow and user experience.

LiveArchive Disaster Recovery

When considering LiveArchive as your archival solution you’ll receive the added benefit of leveraging its disaster recovery functionality in case of an emergency to gain rapid access to your detailed clinical and financial database in our data warehouse. Continue to conduct daily patient visits by signing into our remote system to use our intuitive dashboard tools to effectively manage patient care while long-term repairs are made to your core systems.

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Unfortunately due to the many constraints and pressures of running a clinical practice many of our clients have not yet achieved a full disaster recovery plan or have been able to archive their systems. If you’ve recently encountered an unfortunate catastrophic data loss incident and require a time-critical and efficient solution to help your organization recover lost data, you’ll want to consider working with Keena’s knowledgeable consultants who will implement LiveArchive to help quickly rebuild your damaged clinical and financial databases.

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