COVID-19 Vaccination Management

COVID-19 Vaccination Management

A practical road-map to guide healthcare providers in understanding the requirements to implement a successful COVID-19 vaccination program. This whitepaper provides strategies and tools that can help manage your COVID-19 vaccinations programs and workflow more efficiently.

Patient as a Consumer in the Value-Based Care Era

The value-based care model has created a patient-centric approach to healthcare delivery. Healthcare is now being measured more by the value it brings to the end-user as opposed to the volume of services delivered by an organization.

8 Steps to a Successful EHR Conversion

Conversions are one of the critical junctures in the life of an EHR and a practice. It represents the sunset of one system and the sunrise of another. An EHR conversion is challenging, requiring a unique mix of savvy technical deployment with carefully considered and collaborative planning.

Thoughts on the future of Healthcare Interoperability

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) is a newly developed standard designed for exchanging healthcare information digitally. Byte Sized Solutions has developed its own application that utilizes the FHIR standard for data exchange called FHIR OPS. This SaaS offering simplifies the process of integrating your healthcare application into any EHR or PM system.