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"Keena Healthcare Technology Among the Top Scoring Vendors for Technical Services in 2024 Best in KLAS report"
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We are problem solvers. Our humanistic approach to healthcare technology means that we always look at how technology impacts the daily lives of healthcare workers and patients, and find ways to make it better.

  • Workflow & EHR Optimization: Get the most out of your EHR system and enhance organizational efficiency.
  • System Integration & Interfaces: Ensuring the smooth transfer and access to actionable data across various platforms.
  • Data Migration and Conversions: Use our advanced technology tools and extensive conversion libraries to bring systems online quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Data Archival: Stay compliant while maintaining access to patient records in a discrete, accessible, and searchable application.
  • Data Management & Analytics: Transform your data into a strategic asset, unlocking untapped value while improving quality care measurements and optimizing claims operations.
  • Data Automation: Replace clinical and operational manual processes with automation solutions that save time and money.

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“Keena Among the Top Scoring Vendors for Technical Services in 2024 Best in KLAS report”


What we Do

Keena is a healthcare optimization organization focused on improving workflow and insight into clinical & financial systems


Keena’s primary focus lies in enhancing productivity and outcomes through innovative applications that optimize workflow.


Leverage our knowledge and insight for expert assistance with data automation, custom reporting and custom development projects to address your needs.


Partner with Keena’s industry-leading consultants for assistance with a wide-range of strategic IT projects from daily EHR/PM troubleshooting and upgrades, to comprehensive shared savings and claims operations analysis.

Speaking to the customer’s needs and who you are.

In today’s ever-evolving healthcare IT landscape, a robust understanding of EHR/PM system databases and diverse clinical & financial operational workflows is essential for any practice’s survival.

At Keena, our seasoned HIT professionals have years of experience in busy and complex practices like yours. They all have intimate knowledge of healthcare provider organizations’ inner workings and critical needs, especially regarding their EHR/PM systems.