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It’s common knowledge that migrating to a new EHR platform is one of the most complex and costly IT projects that a healthcare organization can embark upon. It involves broad and in-depth operational, financial and technology planning, support from experienced third-party experts, and a little good old-fashioned luck – to execute with some level of success.

As we’ve spoken to and consulted with many Keena clients making the decision to move to a new EHR/PM platform or contemplating such a move, we’re dedicating a focused series of informational bulletins designed to support provider organizations facing similar challenges. This is the first journal entry in this new series.

How Far Along Are You in the Migration Process?

We’ve found that clients needing migration support generally fall into one of three categories, each with its own challenges and complicated processes to manage.

01Initial planning, vendor evaluation and selection

02Data migration strategy, implementation & testing, and Go-Live rollout

03Post Go-Live workflow refinement and system optimization

Does This Sound Familiar?

Are you facing staff shortages that are interfering with your ability to manage the current phase of your EHR migration project? Are too many of your internal staff being pulled into the new system planning and implementation project leaving your day-to-day EHR operations struggling with inadequate support?

We Can Help

In the best of times, hiring and maintaining a loyal staff of skilled HIT labor can be problematic. Dealing with a tight labor market amid the “great resignation”, while managing an EHR migration project requires quick access to experienced and skilled resources, and efficient training programs- that will allow you to complete mission critical IT projects on time and on budget. Look to Keena to provide expert healthcare consultants – many of whom have previously worked for organizations like yours and are managing clients today facing similar challenges.

Product Spotlight
Archival Solutions

KeenaArchive is a vendor-agnostic healthcare data warehouse with intuitive dashboards for full access to all archived patient data. Pull up patient history from your old EHR or invoice directly from legacy financials that were not migrated into your current System. This innovative archival solution will immediately improve your practice workflow. It’s like having a mini EHR or PM attached to your archived data, without the hassle or expense of maintaining legacy systems.

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Have You Considered Parallel Tracking an Archival Project with your EHR/PM Migration?

If not, you should take some time to consider the benefits of running both projects in parallel. You’ll find that there is a significant operational time-savings and significant budget/financial savings by running these important projects simultaneously. We’d be happy to discuss the pros and cons with you at your convenience.