Seamlessly export a single or multiple charts from your EHR.

Patient Chart Output With Unprecedented Control

Chart2PDF is a powerful add-on tool designed to make releasing patient records efficient, easy and fast. It provides for quick conversion of patient charts to PDF format allowing the output of 1 or 10,000 patient records, saving time and improving your workflow.

With Chart2PDF, you can instantly filter, export, print, save and scan every document, note, scan, and clinical summary in a patient’s history. And of course, quickly generate a PDF version of a patient’s chart. As one of our interoperability applications, Chart2PDF strengthens your clinical and financial performance, while taking meaningful steps to unify and connect your practice information systems.



Chart2PDF was developed to integrate into your practice workflow and improve the efficiency of outputting patient charts on-demand. The application offers a new stand-alone option that lets you run Chart2PDF in a web browser without the need to open or run TouchWorks. You also have the option of running two distinct workflow options: On Demand and Batch Automation. The On Demand option allows users to create and personalize individual charts with common patient identifiers such as pictures. This also helps users easily identify and organize a patient’s chart. Batch Automation is the workflow designed specifically for quickly exporting multiple patient charts, whether there are 100 or 10,000.

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Inside The App

Stand Alone Mode: Open Chart2PDF and extract patient records even if you are logged out of the EHR.

Advanced Patient Searching: Find patients with more search options, including: MRN, Full or Partial Last Name, First Name, and Birthday.

Extraction Status: Enable users to see when an extract has been completed.

Global Document Options: Check and uncheck document filter options to change what appears in the extracted chart.

Team Task Management: Efficiently distribute tasks only to active teams.

Long Results Support: Format long results into their own document.

Output to Specific Folders: Create and organize batch output folders by Organization name or Organization ID.



Chart2PDF has allowed Murfreesboro Medical Clinic to automate the process of converting multiple patient charts to a PDF file that we can burn that to a CD, or put on a thumb drive, or upload to a secure records portal for any requesting 3rd party to easily and securely retrieve.

The product has several convenient features that has allowed our clinic to cut our chart production time in half, while saving us a lot of paper, toner and staff aggravation compared to the old manual methods.”



  • Full configuration of patient charts
  • Custom cover page including practice’s logo and address
  • Chart personalization features such as patient photo and identifiers
  • Single sign-on with NextGen Enterprise EHR or Allscripts TouchWorks EHR
  • Advanced patient searching options
  • Global Document Filters
  • Pay only for what you use with our new pay-by-chart pricing model


NextGen & Altera/Veradigm Certified

Chart2PDF is a certified application for both NextGen Enterprise EHR and Altera TouchWorks EHR. Designed to integrate into your system, this application will significantly improve your chart requests processing. Built into the application are several features that make Chart2PDF a must-have add-on for all Users.

Chart2PDF Insights

Case Studies


Chart2PDF Implementation Project

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic implemented Chart2PDF to simplify their chart copying process for: legal and insurance audits, social security requests, patient and MD transfers.


  • Data security improved as PMI was more securely protected.
  • Time to manage chart pulls, copies and distribution cut in half.
  • Convenient and simple process.


Managing Release of Records Requests

Keena's Chart2PDF reduced the amount of bottleneck workflows and allowed Primary Care Partners to work effectively with a planned medical records workflow reorganization to address their growing needs.


  • Advanced patient searching significantly reduced the time required for individual patient and MD release of records needs.
  • Provider involvement in Medicare and/or legal chart auditing tasks was dramatically reduced.

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