Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity
When You Need It Most

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity when you need it most

Every healthcare organization needs a comprehensive business continuity plan. When you engage with Keena you gain access to a team with the highest standards for data protection and recovery. We differentiate ourselves through our consultation and planning. We assess your entire IT infrastructure and then create the continuity framework and contingency plans based on your goals.

Business continuity and disaster relief planning define the difference between a minor inconvenience and unrecoverable loss of data and revenue. Without access to patient records, schedules, and financial data your practice might as well be out of business. Even planned outages, upgrades, and conversions require a comprehensive business continuity plan.

A well-implemented business continuity solution will save your healthcare organization from lost revenue and a damaged reputation caused by data loss and IT system outages.


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When I logged into the KeenaArchive application for the first time since the event and was able to see the detailed notes and clinical information – it brought tears to my eyes.

Knowing what the organization and providers had gone through for the past few weeks thinking that they may never see that historic data again, I was so thankful to have worked with a partner like Keena to help quickly manage our cyber crisis.”