Advisory Services

Providing insight into your
data management, workflow,
and efficiency challenges

Leverage Our Knowledge and Insight

By choosing to work with Keena, your practice will align with industry leading healthcare consultants to evaluate your demanding technology and workflow needs while also providing insight and consideration of industry trends and regulatory requirements. As your needs change, an appropriate consultant will be assigned to the project at hand ensuring that you always receive the best resource to manage your situation. Our clients all come to embrace each assigned consultant as essential members of their team knowing that they are a trusted expert supported by a diverse team of skilled Keena advisors and workflow enabling tools. With Keena you’re not just hiring a temporary resource but healthcare IT experts and technology facilitators who are always just an email, phone call or text message away.



Management Services
Clinical Data

Keena consulting clients have a “direct-line” to an assigned clinical data expert to help strategic IT projects such as: daily EHR/PM troubleshooting, upgrade support, large project support, specialty project lead, configuration advice, peer networking, workflow automation and general industry trends.


Staff Training

No matter the software application or required method of delivery, whether its end-user or IT analyst training, we have the skilled resources to help with these projects. Our experts can assist in training needs for Large Project Rollouts, EHR/PM End-user Training, and IT Analyst Admin Training. We also specialize in advanced training areas including SQL, Interface Builds, or Software-Specific training tasks such as Allscripts TouchWorks Advance Structure Note, etc.


Optimization Reviews

Most workflow challenges for end-user staff and management are the result of complex EHR/PM and ancillary systems being rapidly deployed. These complex deployments can often lead to misconfigured software and cumbersome workflows that negatively impact productivity. Our team evaluates and recommends system optimization reviews on a regular basis. Through these systemic workflow analyses our team will provide a detailed report of adjustments that lead to an organization working smarter, not harder.


Expert Project Management

Regulatory and organizational changes often result in new and unexpected projects. Timely implementation of these projects often requires the need for an expert resource to help backfill staff daily tasks or to lead the project. Our project management team will evaluate your needs and bring in experienced project managers or task-oriented consultants to make sure your plans stay on course with a successful conclusion. Examples include: Major System Upgrades, Software Conversions, and New Locations or Specialty Rollouts.


Custom Reporting Needs

Data is only as powerful as the analytic algorithms that drive operational reporting. Although most systems come with a standard set of reports that cover your basic data management needs, it is nearly impossible to achieve peak organizational efficiency without custom reporting. Our team of database experts will take your data reporting requests and turn them into accurate and effective operational tools. A sample of our capabilities include: staff productivity reports, quality and regulatory performance analysis, billing tracking and financial performance, or occasional one-off reports to support a clinical trial or security/legal audit.


Workflow Automation/Data Cleanup

Repetitive manual workflows often result in inefficiency, job dissatisfaction and wasted budget dollars. Any workflow that is repetitive and data-driven with numerous manual steps or excessive “clicks” should be evaluated for automation. If rules and login models can be written down, then an effective electronic process can be created to manage the task more efficiently. Examples include: CPTII Code Billing, Patient Problem/Diagnosis clean-up, Patient Portal Flagging and more.

We were at a point in time where our IT staff shortfall and tight local labor market had the potential to disrupt our ability to manage mission critical daily operations. After bringing in skilled and experienced Keena IT consultants to support our department, we not only were able to effectively maintain essential IT systems but also implement new quality and efficiency enabling applications and programs.

The result was an increase in staff satisfaction and overall increase in our clinical operations and improvement in care delivery.”


Management Services
Claims Data

Keena brings claims data experts together with state-of-the-art normalization and analytical tools to clean, organize, store, and enable financial reporting and enhance management capabilities. We can help detect trends both for individual payers as well as across them allowing your organization to predict where the business is going before it gets there. Keena claims advisory consulting clients have a direct line to an assigned claims data expert.

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ACO Advisory Services

Building excellent ACO services requires a deep understanding of claims processing and the algorithms that drive those processes. The claims consulting team at Keena brings the knowledge, analytical skills and experience your organization requires to manage any claims data challenge. If you are just starting out, we can partner with you to design your network and set up your ACO. If you’re already up and running, we’ll take a macro view of your data architecture and help find efficiencies and enhancements that impact your bottom line. No matter the stage of deployment, we have the people and analytical tools to help.


Master Data Management (MDM) Solution Advisory

To operate successfully, Healthcare Information Exchanges, Accountable Care Organizations and healthcare organizations involved in merger/acquisition processes are often faced with the enormous challenge of accurately and effectively consolidating information on patient identities and healthcare encounters from several disparate systems. A Master Data Management plan for these complex and time-sensitive projects is mission critical. Keena MDM consultants have both the expertise to build a plan for your organization and a proven MDM solution to normalize, store and manage the data, if needed.


Claims Automation/Data Cleanup

Keena’s claims processing service stems from a proprietary automation system using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to handle the mundane and complex manual tasks of processing claims. Through our years of experience across many payors we have identified and mastered all the unique characteristics and requirements necessary for successful claims submissions. Let our team of claims data experts evaluate your repetitive and data-driven processes for productivity improving automation. Examples include: 100% audit, claims attribution and web process automation.