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Seamlessly Exports Patient Charts Quickly & Easily

Chart2PDF permanently solves the challenge of exporting patient charts by converting patient charts to the PDF format. You can quickly filter by patient to get patient data along with every document, note, scan, and clinical summary in a patient’s history. Chart2PDF allows you to output a single chart or 10,000 charts to satisfy patient requests, a physician departure or compliance audits. As one of our interoperability solutions Chart2PDF will improve practice workflow while integrating into your practice information systems.

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Analyze, Index and Import Data Into Your EMR

InteleFiler was designed to solve the problem of unfiled patient documents and manual document entry into your EHR. Leveraging advanced technology to analyze, index and import documents and data into your EHR, InteleFiler eliminates hundreds of hours of manual input while minimizing data entry and document filing errors. Improve your practice workflow and solve unfiled patient documents to ensure your providers have full access to all patient information. As one of our interoperability solutions InteleFiler fully integrates into your existing practice information systems, setting your practice up to succeed in the era of value-based care.

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EHR Barcode Reader

The Next Level Of Vaccine and MedAdmin Management

EHR Barcode Reader is an add-on application that streamlines the administration of immunizations and medications for users of Allscripts® TouchWorks™ EHR or NextGen® Enterprise EHR. Utilizing 2D barcode reader technology, this application instantly collects medication or vaccine data and populates key fields in your EHR including NDC, lot and expiration date. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) mandates the documentation of vaccine product identification and lot number. With EHR Barcode Reader you will save time, reduce unnecessary keystrokes, and eliminate costly data entry errors while meeting regulatory requirements.

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Access and Interact With Archived Clinical and Financial Data

It may not be practical or possible to convert all the relevant clinical data from your old system into your new EHR. Yet it’s crucial for patient care and for medical/legal reasons that you “leave no data behind.” There’s no need to keep your old system running, along with the maintenance and licensing headaches that go with it. Available as a stand-alone application or linked to your EHR system, LiveArchive offers an unprecedented view of all archived patient data including EHR records, PDF files, notes, scans, images, discrete data, legacy financial information, or any other digital patient information.

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Custom Development

Sometimes there’s no way around it, you just need a custom application, and Keena would love to build it for you. If you have an idea or a specific need that isn’t met by your EHR or off-the-shelf applications, then connect with us and we’ll build a solution that will exceed your expectations. We do it all the time.

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