Automate document input and eliminate unfiled EHR documents

Intelligent Management and Workflow Automation
for EHR Document Filing

InteleFiler solves the growing problem of unfiled documents in EHR systems, many of which originate from the aging process of fax machine usage. With millions of unfiled patient records, the accuracy, safety and efficacy of patient care becomes a serious concern for all providers. InteleFiler leverages advanced technology that combines document management and workflow automation to analyze, index, and import documents and data into your EMR.

Improve your practice with InteleFiler to eliminate manual workflow, increase the accuracy of your patient record input, and make all patient records available to your providers within your EHR. InteleFiler is part of the Keena interoperability suite and is designed to integrate into your existing systems and workflow.


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InteleFiler associates the demographic data with the appropriate patient record, and then determines whether there are open orders based on the type of document and any rules that have been defined by your practice. The EHR then sends information back to InteleFiler regarding the document type and rules so that InteleFiler can determine order status and tasking, make entries into the EHR, and notify the appropriate providers.

Inside The App

Fits Your Workflow: Just scan or send docs and data to InteleFiler.

Document & Data Analysis: Indexes and organizes documents and data so you don’t have to.

Workflow Rules: Applies workflow rules to place docs and data into your patient’s chart.

Document Verification: Our validation processes ensure your documents are properly captured, reviewed for accuracy, and indexed directly into your EHR.

Automated Filing & Tasking: Patient charts are automatically populated with new docs & data following your workflow rules, and the system notifies providers of any open orders.

InteleFiler has allowed Murfreesboro Medical Clinic to automate the outside file-to-chart workflow process and has resulted in improving our efficiency, saving our medical records team significant time by eliminating manual scanning and indexing tasks. Because of this automation, we have seen an increase in document indexing accuracy and turnaround time helping to improve the overall efficiency of care delivered by our providers.”


NextGen & Altera Certified

InteleFiler is a certified application for both the NextGen Enterprise EHR and Altera TouchWorks EHR platform. InteleFiler is an important productivity add-on that ensures all patient documents get filed into your EHR quickly, easily and accurately. Built into the application are several features that make this a must-have add-on for your EHR system.

The latest version of InteleFiler now includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for use with your batch basket or other digital document management process. OCR technology scans documents as they arrive against a repository of templates, finds matches and preforms the heavy lifting of populating your EHR automatically or if preferred with human validation.

You can save hundreds if not thousands of staff hours and increase the speed that documents are processed and disseminated in your EHR. No more waiting for overnight processing or when your staff can finally get to the pile of documents that keeps getting bigger.

Keena will work with your team to create custom templates that are matched against inbound document types. Whether you are a multi-organization or standalone group, have a handful or hundreds of document types, Keena can scale the solution to meet your needs with pricing to match whatever challenge you’re facing.


  • 95% manual filing reduction
  • Reduced filing errors and operational costs
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Consistent filing results
  • 99.99% reported accuracy rate
  • Automate filing of faxes, scanned paper documents, PDFs and more
  • Improve patient satisfaction with reduced wait times and better provider attention
  • Free up employees for more productive activities

InteleFiler Insights

Case Studies


Leveraging Automation to Streamline Document and Order Management Processes

InteleFiler helped Intermountain Health Network automate the manual tasks of scanning, indexing, tasking and closing orders.


  • Reduced document indexing time.
  • Significantly improved timely access to clinical and administrative documents.
  • Eliminated extra time required to find critical patient care documentation.

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Automate document input and eliminate unfiled EHR documents

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