EHR Barcode Reader

Quickly scan medication & immunization patient data for improved EHR workflow.

The Next Level of Vaccine and MedAdmin Management.

EHR Barcode Reader is an add-on application that streamlines the administration of immunizations and medications for users of Allscripts® TouchWorks™ EHR or NextGen® Enterprise EHR. Utilizing 2D barcode reader technology, this application instantly collects medication or vaccine data and populates key fields in your EHR including NDC, lot and expiration date.

With regulations like the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) that mandates documentation of vaccine product identification and lot number, a tool like EHR Barcode Reader will save time, reduce unnecessary keystrokes, and eliminate costly data entry errors. EHR Barcode Reader will free up your clinical staff to focus on your value-based care goal.


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