EHR Barcode Reader

Quickly scan medication & immunization patient data for improved EHR workflow.

The Next Level of Vaccine and MedAdmin Management

EHR Barcode Reader streamlines the administration of immunizations and medications to help ensure patient safety. Utilizing 2D barcode reader technology, this application instantly collects medication or vaccine data and populates key fields in your EHR including NDC, lot and expiration date for improved clinical workflow. Save time, reduce unnecessary keystrokes, and eliminate costly data entry errors. Built in safeguards ensure that the right vial is given to the right patient at the right time. EHR Barcode Reader will free up your clinical staff to focus on your value-based care goals..

With regulations like the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) that mandates documentation of vaccine product identification and lot number, a tool like EHR Barcode Reader will save time, reduce unnecessary keystrokes, and eliminate costly data entry errors. EHR Barcode Reader will free up your clinical staff to focus on your value-based care goal.


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COVID-19 Vaccination Management

You will learn

Understanding Vaccination distribution and administration challenges in managing a COVID-19 vaccination program strategies to manage COVID-19 vaccination program tools that can help

Getting Results

After implementing our barcode solution a clinic in South Florida clinic was able to increase its vaccination rate from 95 to 400+ people per day with zero waste. This clinic is now aiming to expand its hours with a goal of vaccinating 1,000 patients a day.

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Vaccination Updates and Workflow Improvements

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Watch: Dr Schwartz from Potomac Physician Associates demo’s how he uses EHR Barcode Reader at his practice



Deliver COVID-19 Vaccines Faster & Safer

Due to the expedited vaccine approval process, full barcodes were not supplied for the Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. In turn, this has reduced the anticipated capacity of healthcare facilities to administer the vaccines due to the reliance on manual entry. In response, we have created new workarounds and solutions to speed up workflow and correct reporting issues.
Our customizable vaccine creator with barcode generator accommodates the traditional EHR Barcode Reader workflows- so our clients can go back to scanning instead of manual entry. Quick and accurate capturing of the NDC, lot, manufacturer and expiration date is allowing our clinics to deliver the vaccine to more patients daily.
We recently installed EHR Barcode Reader at a clinic in Florida. Pre-installation, they were achieving a vaccination rate of 95 patients per day. After implementing our EHR Barcode Reader and making some adjustments in workflow, they were able to increase their vaccination rate to over 400 people per day with 0 waste.


Accurately Track Your COVID-19 Vaccinations

Use the COVID-19 Bar Code Creator to track vaccine administration quickly and accurately in your EHR. Accurately report on Series 1 administrations to qualify for Series 2 shipments. Updated reporting measures are also in place for CPT codes for billing and enable easy reporting to your state.

When we first opened our Covid-19 vaccination clinic, we were processing 90-100 patients per day utilizing (4) Medical Scribe/RN teams and support from our pharmacy. Since then, we relocated into an improved workspace and made a couple workflow adjustments, then implemented EHR Barcode Reader. With Barcode Reader we’ve significantly reduced manual data entry clicks and streamlined our data collection and billing workflow. We are now consistently processing 450-500 patients per day with the same work crew!”



What Our Clients Have To Say About EHR Barcode Reader

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“We went to barcode reader for our touchworks issues due to the fact that we have pediatrics, we have four providers, four nursing staff. And we were having difficulties with the recording of our immunizations.”


Olean Medical Group

Hear from 2 of our clients utilizing EHR Barcode Reader at their multi-specialty clinics. They share the remarkable time savings and accuracy that this add-on application has brought to their daily workflows.



EHR Barcode Reader is available for both the NextGen and Altera TouchWorks Platforms

Designed to integrate with NextGen Enterprise EHR and Altera TouchWorks, this application will significantly improve your vaccine and inventory workflow. Built into the application are several features that make this a must-have add-on for all NextGen and Altera users.

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NDC format logic to accommodate the proper ‘0’ position

VIS and VFC functionality

Required field validations

Module integration of values and count adjustment

Monthly Scan Audit Reports

Real-time inventory linked directly to NextGen

EHR Barcode Reader Insights



COVID-19 Vaccination Management

A practical road map to guide healthcare providers to implement a successful COVID-19 vaccination program.

Case Studies


Managing a Busy COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

Limited by their existing manual data entry methods, a Southeast US Regional Hospital turned to Keena and EHR Barcode Reader to automate the administration of vaccines within their NextGen EHR.


  • Dramatically increased speed and accuracy of vaccine delivery.
  • Increased staff productivity while reducing fatigue.
  • Drug inventory automation led to time-savings and zero drug waste.


Streamlined Vaccinations and Meds Administration

Mankato Clinic turned to Keena's EHR Barcode Reader to streamline the ordering, recording and tracking process for vaccinations and med administration within Altera TouchWorks.


  • Automatic defaults for manufacturer, dose and VIS dates.
  • Workflow enhancements such as reduced click counts & standard drug data defaults.
  • Less time for the patient in the clinic.

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NextGen: Quickly scan medication & immunization patient data for improved EHR workflow

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