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Managing a Busy COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

Southeast US Regional Hospital


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557 Beds
600+ Providers

Deployed EHR Barcode
Reader in January 2021

System: NextGen


In December 2020, a Southeast US Regional Hospital was informed they were approved to be a Covid-19 vaccination center.

After an early test-run, they quickly realized the limitations of existing manual data entry methods. With a goal of 500 shots/shift, they were stuck at 90-100/shift.

Relying on cumbersome manual data entry, multiple screen views and extra clicks, the team looked to automate vaccine order entry, capturing drug data (NDC# | Lot# | Exp. Date), provider demographic data, and to capture two series billing codes.

With a clear focus, the vaccination team began an urgent search to find a robust and reliable third-party solution to automate many of the manual processes that were hindering their productivity and causing potential patient safety risks. They turned to Keena Healthcare and EHR Barcode Reader for answers.

How EHR Barcode Reader Helped



With focused collaboration, the clinical team and Keena Healthcare operations teams deployed Barcode Reader in 4 calendar days! Productivity was significantly improved with an instant impact on patient throughput.

With barcode automation and a few workflow changes, productivity dramatically increased from 90-100/shift to 450-500/shift within weeks!


US Regional

  • Dramatically increased speed and accuracy of vaccine delivery.
  • Significantly decreased clumsy manual data entry by reducing or eliminating multiple screen views and clicks.
  • Increased staff productivity while reducing fatigue.
  • Drug inventory automation led to time-savings and zero drug waste.
  • Keena’s custom QR code generator prevented drug errors and improved patient safety.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

When we first opened our Covid-19 vaccination clinic, we were processing 90-100 patients per day utilizing 4 Medical Scribe/RN teams and support from our pharmacy.

Since then, we relocated into an improved workspace and made a couple workflow adjustments, then implemented EHR Barcode Reader. With Barcode Reader we’ve significantly reduced manual data entry clicks and streamlined our data collection and billing workflow. We are now consistently processing 450-500 patients per day with the same work crew!”

— RN

Health Informatics Nursing Specialist III

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