Population Health

Monitor patient health
at the point of care to improve
clinical and financial outcomes.

Keena provides the insight you need to help improve the clinical and financial outcomes for your practice. Get actionable insights into a single patient record or an entire patient population to improve outcomes while managing the cost of care delivery.

As part of a comprehensive value-based care solution, our population health management suite includes point of care prompting, care management, population health and financial analytics. This system leverages proprietary risk stratification at the point of care to provide insight on high-risk patients. Now you can identify gaps in care, prompting intervention to improve the health of the overall patient population.

Population Health

The NextGen Population Health dashboard presents a global view of all gaps in care, alerting providers to measures that need clinical action. Provide clinicians and quality management teams the information they need to make informed decisions at the point of care.

The interactive interface allows caregivers to leverage comprehensive patient data and demographics to provide the analytics that allow your practice to deliver better outcomes and stay competitive.

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Inside The App

Actionable Patient Information: Identify gaps at the point of care with our signal icon directly in the EHR, and take action in real time to easily close gaps

Improved Patient Care: Give clinicians and quality management teams immediate feedback on patient quality performance metrics

Fully Integrated: Provides condition registry information as well as analysis of gaps in care

Actionable Information: Quickly highlight and triage patients’ needs to ensure quality care delivery

Fully Integrated Data: Use as a productivity tool to improve providers’ compliance ratings, leading to better patient care and support of efforts for metric reporting

Comprehensive Reporting: immediate feedback on patient quality performance measures

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

As the opioid epidemic becomes a national crisis most states are now offering a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) as a promising approach to detection and intervention of patients at risk of opioid addiction.

PDMP programs are state mandated to make sure prescribers receive information to help identify patients who are or may become addicted to opioids. The PDMP application was created to access your state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) offering healthcare providers a way to track and respond to the growing opioid epidemic.

You can access the PDMP module with a single click within your EHR application. For added security, only the logged-in user can access the patient’s history, and the system automatically documents each time a patient chart is accessed. The PDMP application integrates with all PDMP platforms including Appriss.

  • One Click Access
  • Provider Centric Security
  • Proof of Compliance
  • Integrated with ALL PDMP Platforms


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