Navigating the EHR
Landscape for
Optimal Success


A Four Part Series

We’ve dedicated a focused series of information bulletins designed to support provider organizations that are making the decision to move to a new EHR/PM platform or contemplating such a move.


Journal 1EHR Migration Planning, Strategies & Assistance

It’s common knowledge that migrating to a new EHR platform is one of the most complex and costly IT projects that a healthcare organization can embark upon. It involves broad and in-depth operational, financial and technology planning, support from experienced third-party experts, and a little good old-fashioned luck – to execute with some level of success.

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Journal 2Initial Planning, Vendor Evaluation and Selection

As you begin planning for selecting a new EHR platform there are several critical decisions to consider along with operational and budgetary planning for this complex project. Since healthcare delivery is in a state of constant evolution, many organizations begin this project by taking a step back to objectively assess their current EHR platform and vendor partner to establish an updated set of criteria that are essential to running an efficient and competitive healthcare delivery organization.

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Journal 3Data Planning, Implementation, and Go-Live

Once you’ve chosen your preferred new EHR platform, there are several key decisions to consider as you begin planning your data migration strategy, and implementation & Go-Live processes. This journal will provide you with some guidance and resources to assist you with this complex, costly, and often stress-inducing journey.

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Journal 4Post Go-Live Planning and System Optimization

Your EHR Go-Live date has come and gone. You’ve done a good job of managing a complex, and arduous EHR migration project. You’re feeling a great sense of accomplishment and maybe some relief, but there’s a little voice in the back of your mind reminding you to keep alert, keep your eye on the ball. You’re not completely out of the woods. Not yet.

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ehr migration tip

Have You Considered Parallel Tracking an Archival Project with your EHR/PM Migration?

If not, you should take some time to consider the benefits of running both projects in parallel. You’ll find that there is significant operational time-savings and significant budget/financial savings by running these important projects simultaneously. We’d be happy to discuss the pros and cons with you at your convenience.

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