Workflow Efficiency

Improving Productivity
and Clinical Outcomes

Workflow Efficiency Applications

Our top goal is improving productivity and clinical outcomes by supporting providers with applications that emphasize function and prioritize workflow. Our years of experience has allowed us to develop a suite of applications that improve practice workflow and productivity based on what medical professionals have asked for in their daily routine.

EHR Barcode Reader

Quickly scan medication & Immunization data for improved EHR Workflow

Sometimes the simplest solutions have the most impact on your practice. Utilizing 2D Barcode scanning technology, the EHR Barcode Reader Add-On Application is a simple solution that streamlines the collection of med and vaccine data. EHR Barcode Reader instantly collects med or vaccine data and populates key fields in your EHR including Lot, NDC, and Expiration Date. This solution streamlines your med and vaccine workflow and helps your practice improve systems interoperability, workflow efficiency, and data accuracy.


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Featured Workflow Efficiency Reports

case study

Managing a Busy COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

Southeast US Regional Hospital


case study

Leveraging Automation to Streamline Document and Order Management Processes


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Barcode Reader: Allscripts

Streamlines the collection and documentation of vaccinations and medications.

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Quickly Release As Many Records As You Need.

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Barcode Reader: NextGen

Quickly scan medication & immunization patient data for improved EHR workflow.

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The Intelligent Filing Solution That Will Change Your Practice


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Automate document input and eliminate unfiled EHR documents.

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Improve EHR Document Workflow

Did you know that 70% of healthcare providers are unhappy with their practice medical records management? Every healthcare organization struggles at some point with EHR document filing and workflow because it’s time-consuming. InteleFiler is an intelligent document filing solution that automates your document workflow and improves operational efficiency.

Here’s how it works; on the front end, your documents including fax, paper, PDF, and data from other sources are accepted and then analyzed, categorized, and indexed directly into your EHR. The application associates demographic data with the appropriate patient record and determines open orders based on document type and any rules that have been defined by your practice. Your EHR then sends that information back to InteleFiler so it can determine order status and tasking, enter into the EHR, and notify the appropriate providers.


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Efficient Export of Patient Records

Chart2PDF is designed to save providers time and resources when exporting patient records. It provides for efficient conversion of patient charts to the PDF document format specifically for your EHR system. As one of our interoperability applications, Chart2PDF helps strengthen your clinical and financial performance, while taking meaningful steps to unify and connect your HIT ecosystem.

Chart2PDF saves your practice hundreds of staff hours while streamlining and optimizing patient record export.


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Customized Workflow Automations

When the limitations of your EHR fall short of your reporting requirements, or require too much of your staffs time clicking away, work with us to get exactly what you need with automation. Keena has written hundreds of reports and scripts in nearly every possible variation and offers many levels of services for any EHR or PM system based on your specialized needs.

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Sample Solutions:

  • CPTII Automation – Analyzes patient chart details to automatically add-in the qualifying CPTII codes for reimbursement.
  • Document Recognition – Automatically completes orders or assigns tasks based on documents added into a patient chart.
  • Patient Problem Cleanup – Automatically resolve patient problems lists by implementing clinic rules and specified time allotments. Once installed will also work retrospectively to cleanup all charts in your system.