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A Custom Clinical Dashboard

Large Multi-Specialty Health Network


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Large Multi-Specialty
Health Network: West US

Ranked in the Top 5
of US Health Systems

2,000 Caregivers
20 Hospitals

Deployed Care Management
Indicator in Q4, 2022

Altera Touchworks EHR

The Challenge

Create a Care Management Indicator to Track Patient Participation in Care Management Programs

The care management team struggled to get efficient access to patient participation data in various care management programs. As these successful programs expanded, providers repeatedly asked their clinical analysts for help. Unfortunately, the data needed was housed in two separate applications – CarePort Manager and Care Director, making a simple look up task, cumbersome and time-consuming.

Because the information needed was housed in disparate systems – the patient lookup process required separate logins, extra clicks, and varying searches away from their central Altera TouchWorks EHR. When clinicians were very busy, they assumed a patient was enrolled in a program leaving the task of confirmation to the care management team who was becoming increasingly bogged down with time-consuming look-ups.

The team knew the alternative workflow needed to resolve the situation and sought 3rd party expertise to help their vision become a reality.

Improve Care Management by Leveraging Integration, Data Management and Clinical Dashboard Expertise

The Solution

Having completed several successful data projects with Keena over the years, this health system asked Keena to create a patient care dashboard that could provide access to the needed patient data directly through the Altera TouchWorks EHR platform. Once the interfaces between CarePort Manager, Care Director, and TWEHR were completed, Keena worked with the organizations clinical team to create the UI for the dashboard. The result was a user-friendly console and query tool that the care management team could easily modify and expand as needed.

The Result

Within a few weeks, the organization had direct access to a patient care dashboard that was deployed to improve efficiency and save time. They recently created a Controlled Substance option for tracking opioid patients, proving the versatility of the tool.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Our care management program patient data is now instantly accessible through the Altera TouchWorks Patient Care Dashboard. Providers now have the information they need during a patient visit within a few seconds of getting into the central patient record. We’re seeing significant time-savings and an improvement in clinical efficiency on several levels. From a quality-of-care perspective – it takes seconds to determine if patients are in an appropriate care management program. If they are not – we instantly flag those needing placement.

As a result, they are being assigned to programs much faster. And because being in these programs improves outcomes, we’re having a positive impact on patient care. Our physicians love it!”

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Worked With Client on UI Design

  • Final design approved and presented to care management team for feedback.
  • User-friendly backend enables client to expand data metrics as needed and time allows.

Features Include:

  • Data from disparate care management systems added to the dashboard as frequently as client need dictates.
  • The bell icon at top of drop-down changes color to alert providers that new data has been added or updated.


The Organization

Almost immediately after implementing the new patient Care dashboard, the following organizational benefits were realized:

  • The care management team now has instant access to actionable program enrollment data directly from the TWEHR patient worklist tab, allowing them to make efficient patient care decisions on the spot.
  • Significant time savings and efficiency have been dramatically improved compared to the older care process of multiple logins between disparate systems.
  • From a quality-of-care perspective – it is much easier to determine if patients are participating in the most appropriate care management program. If they are not – it’s much quicker to identify patients needing placement providing a positive impact on outcomes.
  • The user-friendly and versatile design has enabled the organization to leverage the tool beyond its original purpose. They recently created a controlled substance dashboard to more efficiently track patient opioid use.



Providers & Staff

Keena’s custom clinical dashboard has dramatically improved provider access to critical care management program enrollment data for all providers involved across the board.

Productivity and efficiency have improved significantly because of this along with increasing provider satisfaction.

In addition, providers are placing patients in appropriate care management programs more quickly- improving patient outcomes.



The Patient

More patients are being enrolled in appropriate care management programs at a faster rate and have access to more effective care for their individual clinical condition(s).

The result is more efficient care delivery and improved clinical outcomes.

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