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Data Management and Analytics

The business of healthcare is driven by many complex issues, but underlying everything is the capturing, sharing and analyzing of critical information. Accurate, accessible and reliable data is essential for healthcare and Accountable Care Organizations to be effective. Keena has the healthcare expertise to recognize opportunities for efficiencies in data and workflow processes, and the technical solutions needed to help your organization make room for improvement to financial and clinical performance.

Data Sciences


Using advanced statistical analysis to understand data flow and proactively act


Let’s face it…
Healthcare Data is Complex and Messy. Using advanced statistical analysis to understand data flow and proactively act. Sure there are standards, but payer adherence to the standards can vary significantly as can the populations managed. Our consultants can not only normalize all of the data but create statistical profiles that detect trends both for individual payers as well as across payer allowing healthcare organizations to predict where their business is going before it gets there.

Using data science tools and our extensive claims domain knowledge, we can use machine learning and statistical analysis to identify anomalous or problematic data before it has been processed into core systems analyze the hallmarks of good data and raise flags when incoming data doesn’t match. We are able to marry together both clinical and financial information, computer science, and mathematics to make your data actionable for revenue cycle modeling, contract management, advanced reporting and custom dashboards.

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Master Data Management Solutions (MDM)

Data management is a weighty responsibility for any healthcare organization. MDM solutions are a lifeline in this sector, allowing segmented enterprises to standardize and pool critical data into a single database, and pull from this common point of reference for reporting and management.

With an MDM solution in place, Accountable Care Organizations, Health Information Exchanges and organizations involved in merger or acquisition processes can accurately consolidate information on patient identities and activities from disparate systems. By channeling cross-organizational data into a master database with integrity assurance, ACOs and HIEs gain more efficient access to reliable business intelligence, allowing for faster reporting and smarter analysis.

ETL & Reporting

Keena’s ETL solution brings disparate data from isolated systems into a consolidated view. Having only a partial view of your data is not going to reveal the full story the data has to tell. By bringing all your financial, clinical, and claims data into a single view, this will allow you to create the necessary dashboards and scorecards you need to turn your data into meaningful information that you can act on.

ETL allows for personnel to monitor the loading of data from 3rd party sources, to get insight into the health of the data, to keep an eye on server health, to get alerts for issues arising like when bad files or bad data are received, and to document processes directly in the dashboard, all while data is loaded behind the scenes in a hyper-efficient way that even provides a template that can be leveraged with new data providers so that disparate data sources can move closer towards the client’s format.

Examples of what a robust ETL solution can solve for healthcare

  • Load claim data
  • Normalize & Standardize payer data and synthesize into a single comparable format
  • Manage payer membership, eligibility, and primary care physician attribution

Keena has the depth and knowledge to handle diverse data sources, file types, and integration types. This allows them to develop efficient tools to drive new processes and payer mandates.”

Terri Goddar Director of Information Services Advocate Health Partners

ACO Advisory Services


Requires a Deep Understanding of Claims Processing and the Algorithms That Drive Those Processes


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Simply put, we bring efficiency in systems integration, meaning less waste and real savings for your organization. If you’re just starting out, we can partner with you to design your system and set up your ACO. If you’re already up and running, we’ll take a macro view of your data management architecture and help find efficiencies or enhancements. No matter the stage of deployment you’re in, we can help.

In partnership with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Advocate saved Medicare taxpayers and beneficiaries more than $61 million in 2018. Ranking second in savings of 432 ACOs participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). Advocate was among the highest in quality results while providing care to the largest group of Medicare beneficiaries.

Data Management & Analytics Insights



Master Data Management

A Master Data Management solution allows a healthcare enterprise to standardize and pool critical data into a single database.


How You’re Leaving Money on the Table and What to Do About It

A smart and assertive automation plan can reduce the financial burden of administration in your business and allow employees to focus on value-add areas.

Case Studies


Increasing Analytical Capabilities for Utilization Management

Keena built a SQL Server Analysis Cube that enabled Northwestern Medicine Physician Partners to gain deeper insights from their data.


  • Enabled analysis of ER usage and identified opportunities to reroute “frequent fliers” back to primary care and urgent care facilities.
  • Ability to track patients with chronic care conditions to help them stay connected to services.
  • Identified payer data issues.


Shared Savings Success: A Model For Teamwork

Advocate Physician Partners worked with Keena to design a system to successfully evaluate and manage the ACO's shared savings program results through a financial claims and eligibility database.


  • Advocate has consistently been ranked in the top 3 of ACO’s. Reported savings in 2021 of $79.6 million.
  • Enabled effective tracking of both financial trends and member-provider attribution.
  • Data automation saved APP and its staff hundreds of labor hours.


Leveraging Automation to Streamline Document and Order Management Processes

InteleFiler helped Intermountain Health Network automate the manual tasks of scanning, indexing, tasking and closing orders.


  • Reduced document indexing time.
  • Significantly improved timely access to clinical and administrative documents.
  • Eliminated extra time required to find critical patient care documentation.