Interfaces and Interoperability

Connecting Healthcare Through Interoperability

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We start with the premise that connections matter. Interoperability is the core of everything we do and it defines how we approach our work. We believe that disconnected systems directly impact workflow, performance, decision making and ultimately; healthcare outcomes. Our objective is to have the right data, at the right time, in the right place every time. Whether you are transferring data from one EMR to another, delivering data to a patient portal or kiosk or connecting devices to an EHR, we specialize in the connections that make interoperability work.

Connecting healthcare through interoperability

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We Specialize in


  • EHR & Practice Management Systems
  • EHR Data Migration
  • HIEs
  • Hospital ADT and Labs
  • Insurance Eligibility
  • Interfaces and Interface Engines
  • Medical Devices
  • Medication Management
  • Patient Portals and Kiosks
  • Reference Labs
  • Test Orders and Results

Healthcare APIs

You need a secure and reliable way to connect with all the various data points within today’s complex healthcare environment. It won’t hurt to have a flexible architecture that allows you to quickly adapt to changing regulations and mandates. Keena can help. We’ve connected pretty much everything that can be connected in healthcare for both clinical and financial systems.

A Small Sample Of Our Technical Prowess

  • FHIR
  • HL7
  • EDI protocols
  • BizTalk Server
  • Connect-R
  • Mirth
  • QIE

A few years ago, we made the decision to migrate all of our interfaces from ConnectR to Qvera Interface Engine (QIE). Working closely with EHR Integration Services, we migrated most of our ConnectR interfaces in 3-months, including the addition of 2 new clinical applications. We feel like we have control of our IT strategy again!”

John Grey MHA IT Director Murfreesboro Medical Group

The Qvera Interface Engine

The Keena Managed Interface solution turns the promise of interoperability into a reality. Powered by the Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) this SaaS (Software as a Service) handles the installation, update and maintenance of all your healthcare related interfaces. We connect all of your Health IT systems, so you can easily share patient data inside your practice and with other Healthcare Organizations.

QIE makes solving the most challenging healthcare interface and integration scenarios quick and simple. Fully scalable to meet the interoperability requirements of any size healthcare organization, QIE’s rapid development allows you to build interfaces in minutes not hours. From physician offices to large hospitals and hardware and software vendors, QIE includes all of the data formats and standards to connect your systems and applications. Seamlessly deliver patient information throughout your organization to the people who need it.


Rapid Development

Create interfaces in minutes

Visual Channel Editor

Wireframe interface development

Zone Management

Group and manage channels by zone

Smart Editors

Stylized editing, highlight fields in message based HPATH


Easily access defined functions

Built-in GUI

Visual interface for performing common functions, data manipulation and operations


Fueling the Next Generation of Interoperability

If you haven’t heard about FHIR yet, you will. This is the new information sharing standard poised to replace HL7. FHIR, or “Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources,” promises to be the next disruptive force in healthcare, creating opportunities to develop new applications while providing access to information like never before.

Imagine mobile and desktop apps that seamlessly share information among patients, practices, hospitals, health systems and payers to create an ecosystem that empowers everyone involved in the healthcare system.

Based on the FHIR standard, we have developed a SaaS offering that allows you to connect to any EHR through a single interface: FHIR Ops. FHIR Ops is an interoperability platform that takes all the hard work of integrating your application into virtually any EHR or PM system.

Think of FHIR Ops as an API on steroids, allowing you to access any EHR quickly and easily so that you can focus on what you do best; developing and supporting your applications.



FHIR Ops gives you a sophisticated data access redundancy strategy. This granular control gets wrapped up in an easy-to-consume API that is already positioned where FHIR will be in 2-3 years.

Using intelligent data source routing algorithms helps future-proof your integration. As more FHIR resources become stable, they’ll be prioritized over using each EMR vendor’s proprietary APIs or direct database calls.



As consumers become more accustomed to real-time notifications and immediate access to information online and on their mobile device, healthcare providers need to keep pace.

Through FHIR Ops, we can reach the busy lives of our customers and provide value with services like Direct Patient Scheduling, Care History Access and Online Messaging to keep patients and providers connected no matter where they are.



Data variation means huge overhead for everyone involved, from analysts and developers to patients and providers, obscuring the already complex path to improving a patient’s health. FHIR Ops allows you to keep data stable while still progressing on the innovation and services front.

Custom Development

Sometimes there’s no way around it, you just need a custom application, and Keena would love to build it for you. If you have an idea or a specific need that isn’t met by your EHR or off-the-shelf applications, then connect with us and we’ll build a solution that will exceed your expectations. We do it all the time.

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Interfaces & Interoperability Insights



Why We Decided to Invest in a FHIR Response Plan

We’ve taken a hard look at FHIR and realized that it is at least 2-3 years away from being useful. FHIR Ops takes the best parts of the FHIR spec, and implements a data access redundancy strategy based on current options for a specific EMR.

Case Studies


Epic Migration with ConnectR-to-QIE

Keena quickly migrated a sunsetted legacy Interface Engine to QIE, keeping mission-critical interfaces operating during a migration to Epic EHR.


  • Streamlined day-to-day administration of interfaces and stabilized IT support needs.
  • Enhanced and timely access to patient data for the entire organization.
  • Improved quality of care and a better care delivery experience for patients.


Migrating from ConnectR to QIE

QIE facilitates easy access and visibility to all clinical information systems with the added ability to leverage SQL queries and custom reporting.


  • Reduced time and cost to add new interfaces.
  • Supported access to the latest clinical application technologies.
  • Easy access and visibility to all clinical information systems.


Migration from Legacy Interface Engine

When the Jackson Clinic was faced with moving from their EHR vendor, Keena's QIE helped them to migrate and have seamless access into their entire interface network.


  • Streamlined custom SQL reporting process.
  • Reduced interface error management time and resources.
  • More consistent access to accurate patient data from all critical system sources.

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Implement True Healthcare Interoperability

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