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Migration from Legacy Interface Engine

The Jackson Clinic


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Founded in 1950
Jackson, TN

First Multispecialty Clinic
in the State of Tennessee

145 Providers
25 Specialties
12 Outreach Locations

Implemented Qvera’s
Interface Engine (QIE):


Required Transition Drives Search for a New Solution

Faced with having to sunset their ConnectR Interface engine and the impending deadline to move from their EHR vendor, Jackson Clinic was tasked with finding a new solution that would be up and running quickly. There was also a concern with an increased risk of a ransomware attack as evolving breech attempts were beyond the capacity of security enhancements to protect the legacy product. In addition, their current system had several time-consuming maintenance issues motivating a change to a new solution such as:

  • Support was limited as the existing product was being retired
  • System upgrades and network errors were difficult to resolve, requiring time-consuming work-arounds to manage
  • New interface additions were cumbersome and time-consuming
  • Incompatibility with newest technologies and interoperability protocols

Faced with a legacy IE and a pending deadline from the vendor, Jackson Clinic decided to conduct a search for a new solution.

A Rapid
and Smooth


After considering a replacement product from their previous vendor and conducting a search of other IE options, Jackson Clinic decided to move ahead with Keena and their preferred solution, Qvera Interface Engine (QIE).

With a long and successful history of managing multiple IT projects at the Jackson Clinic, Keena’s interface experts were able to quickly initiate the IE project.

They installed QIE, migrated 10 interfaces and trained staff in 3 months.



With QIE in place, the IT staff had seamless access into their entire interface network which significantly improved productivity and data access throughout the organization.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Keena's QIE team knew our staff and our core HIT systems very well. As a result, they were able to install, test, and migrate all 10 of our core system interfaces, and train our staff on the new product with minimal disruption to our daily IT operations.

We now have easy and seamless access into our entire interface network which has improved our productivity and ability to access and manage data throughout the organization. As a result, we're able to provide better service to our providers and have time to focus on additional workflow improving projects that were previously put on the back-burner.”

— Jan Matthews

Director of Information Systems, The Jackson Clinic



With the transition of all principal interfaces to QIE, the Jackson Clinic quickly recognized multiple benefits of their new interface engine:

  • Easy access to all interfaced systems and more efficient management of all aspects of the new IE solution.
  • Faster and less costly recovery time from system upgrades/ patches and downtime events.
  • Streamlined custom SQL reporting process for operational and clinical reporting purposes.
  • Expert Keena interface resources available as needed to support new interfaces and major system upgrades.
  • Access to the latest security technology greatly diminished the threat of a system breech or ransomware attack.



IT Staff

Because of Keena’s knowledge of and experience with the Jackson Clinic’s core HIT systems and IT team, there was minimal disruption to daily operations during the transition to QIE and the following benefits were realized:

  • Streamlined day-to-day administration of interfaces and reduced routine interface engine support needs.
  • Reduced interface error management time and resources.
  • Enabled the organization to review and purchase new apps and technology as needed without compatibility concerns with their new IE.



the Patient

More consistent access to accurate patient data from all critical system sources that improved clinical workflow and enhanced care delivery.

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