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Epic EHR
Consulting Services

At Keena Healthcare Technology, we specialize in providing comprehensive Epic EHR consulting services to optimize your clinical workflows and healthcare operations. Our team of experienced consultants offers expertise in implementation, optimization, migration, data analysis, go-live support, training, and strategic consulting.

Whether you are implementing Epic for the first time or looking to enhance its functionality, our tailored solutions ensure seamless integration, improved efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Partner with us to transform your Epic EHR system into a powerful tool that drives better patient care and organizational success.


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Why Choose Keena Healthcare Technology for your Epic EHR

Choosing Keena Healthcare Technology for your Epic EHR needs means you receive unparalleled expertise and personalized service.

Our team of expert EHR consultants brings years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Epic’s capabilities, enabling us to provide tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements.

We focus on maximizing your return on investment by streamlining workflows, ensuring regulatory compliance, and enhancing overall efficiency. Our commitment to continuous improvement and proactive problem-solving means your organization stays ahead of the curve.

With Keena, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to helping you achieve optimal performance and superior patient care.

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Areas of Expertise in
Epic EHR

Smooth and Secure Epic EHR Migrations

Migrating to a new EHR is more challenging than starting from scratch. Our Epic EHR migration experts ensure a seamless migration across single and multiple-location hospitals and clinics, preserving data integrity and minimizing disruptions.  Needs Assessment: Discuss your goals to tailor the migration process to your specific requirements.

  • Tailored Planning for Your Epic EHR Implementation: Customized scheduling and budgeting to fit your needs.
  • Risk Mitigation: Set clear expectations and take measures to reduce risks associated with implementing a new EHR.
  • Expert Consultants: Our experienced consultants have extensive expertise in Epic and your legacy software to ease data conversion.  2024 Top Scoring Vendor Best in KLAS for Conversion Services.
  • Minimal Disruption: Phased approach to ensure minimal workflow interruption.



Archive clinical data from one or multiple EHR systems into a single data warehouse. The KeenaArchive database provides storage, display, and reporting capabilities for discrete data such as population health, meaningful use, compliance and MSSP reporting.

  • Easily search and retrieve archived documents for reference, compliance, and release of records.
  • Cost Effective- Reduce archival costs, by removing the expense of maintaining pricey legacy systems.
  • Interoperability- Improves workflow by making archival data available in a single click.


Go-Live with Expert Support

The go-live phase is critical, and the stakes are high. Our Epic EHR consultants ensure a smooth transition by providing continuous support and guidance as your Epic system launches.

  • Continuous Support: We offer expert project management and technical support to monitor the implementation closely throughout the migration process.
  • Collaboration: We’ll work with your IT administrators and end-users to facilitate training and a smooth transition to Epic EHR.
  • Staff Augmentation to support legacy systems during the transition.
  • Phased or Single-Step Approach: Tailored go-live strategies based on your organization’s size and needs.


Epic EHR Integration and Interoperability

Whether you are transferring data from one EMR to another, delivering data to a patient portal or kiosk or connecting devices to an EHR, we specialize in the connections that make interoperability work.

  • API Integrations: Having issues integrating your third-party applications and devices into Epic?  Turn to Keena’s interoperability experts to establish API real-time data exchanges.  
  • Custom Interface Innovation Lab: When a standard interface doesn’t fit your unique requirements, you can rely on us to innovate and solve your interface challenges. Keena offers custom interface development services for connecting EHRs, practice management software, patient portals and HIE systems. Our experience with leading EHR systems, interface innovations and technology standards provide a strategic advantage for your custom interface projects


Maximize Efficiency with Expert Epic EHR Optimization

Whether you’ve just implemented Epic or have been using it for years, our consultants at Keena Healthcare Technology can optimize your system for enhanced efficiency and increased profitability.

  • Routine Task Streamlining: Speed up workflows to help physicians complete tasks faster.
  • Workflow consultants to help find efficiencies with documentation and indexing.
  • Automate provider provisioning.


Unlock the Full Potential of Epic EHR Data Reporting

Epic’s intuitive dashboard offers powerful tools for analyzing medical, operational, and financial reports, but clinical staff often lack the time or expertise to fully utilize these analytic features. That’s where our consultants come in.

  • Improve Patient Care Outcomes: Identify high-risk patients and close care gaps
  • Payor Encounters and Reconciliation Automation
  • Provider-Patient Attribution
  • Consolidate MIPS reporting measures
  • Claims Auditing
  • Track ACO quality agreements and performance metric
  • Ad Hoc Custom Reporting to solve your practices specific Epic needs


Empower Your Staff with Expert Epic EHR Training

Before the go-live phase, our consultants provide comprehensive training to your clinical, ancillary, and administrative staff, ensuring they feel confident and competent using Epic.

  • Customized Training Programs: Tailored courses based on your staff’s proficiency levels to ensure a smooth learning curve.
  • Gradual Introduction: Step-by-step training to avoid overwhelming end-users.
  • Role-Based Training: Subject matter experts provide specialized training for different departments.



Can Keena help me troubleshoot EHR issues?

Keena Healthcare Technology offers expert troubleshooting services for Epic EHR issues. Our team of experienced consultants is equipped to identify and resolve a wide range of problems, ensuring your EHR runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our Troubleshooting Services Include:

  • Issue Identification: Quickly diagnose and pinpoint the root cause of any Epic EHR issues.
  • Problem Resolution: Provide effective solutions to fix bugs, performance issues, and workflow disruptions.
  • System Optimization: Enhance system performance and prevent future issues through optimization strategies.
  • User Support: Offer on-hand support for clinical and ancillary staff to address immediate concerns and improve user experience.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Monitor your Epic EHR system to catch and resolve issues proactively.

With Keena Healthcare Technology, you can trust that your Epic EHR system is in capable hands, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal performance.

Which modules is Keena certified in?

Keena Healthcare Technology has performed over 50 Epic EHR conversions and is certified in the following modules:

  • Care Everywhere
  • Caboodle
  • Clarity
  • Cogito
  • EpicCare Ambulatory
  • Epic Bridges
  • HIM Release of Records
  • Identity

What products and services does Keena offer?

Keena Healthcare Technology offers a wide range of products and services designed to optimize and enhance your Epic EHR system:

Our Troubleshooting Services Include:

  • Implementation Services: Seamless Epic EHR implementation with tailored planning, risk mitigation, and minimal workflow disruption.
  • Optimization Services: Enhancing Epic EHR efficiency through task streamlining, telehealth setup, improved payment processes, and better project management.
  • Migration Services: Expert assistance in migrating to Epic EHR from legacy systems, ensuring data integrity and minimal downtime.
  • Data Analysis & Reporting: Expert analysis and presentation of medical, operational, and financial data to identify areas for improvement and drive better decision-making.
  • Go-Live Support: Comprehensive support during the crucial go-live phase, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption and continuous assistance.
  • Training Programs: Custom-tailored training for clinical, ancillary, and administrative staff to ensure confidence and proficiency in using Epic EHR.
  • Strategy Consulting: Development of custom EHR strategies focused on long- term goals, regulatory compliance, and continuous improvement for sustained success.

Choose Keena Healthcare Technology for comprehensive, expert-driven solutions that transform your Epic EHR system into a powerful tool for better patient care and organizational efficiency.

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