Patient Engagement

Transforming the Patient Experience Throughout the Practice

Improving the Patient Experience

Our solutions supply healthcare practitioners with the applications and insights that strengthen their relationship with patients. Optimizing patient engagement and experience is an important part of providing patient-centered, value-based care. The patient experience should be pleasant, hassle-free, and efficient, leaving your patients satisfied with the quality of their time at your practice.

The patient experience includes all of the interactions and administrative processes your patients have with your practice, from front-office check-in to verifying insurance eligibility, to medical billing and more. Plenty of evidence demonstrates a positive association between a good patient experience and desired results such as adherence to medical advice, better clinical outcomes, increased safety practices, and improved client engagement.



Patient Intake
and Check-In

Our Patient Check-in suite of connected technologies is transforming patient intake and check-in processes for practices, hospitals, and health systems. This innovative approach to patient check-in puts the patient back in control of their care experience by replacing outdated, paper-based administration with a connected HIT suite that addresses all aspects of patient intake. Patients can easily check in to appointments, remit payments, and verify their insurance eligibility. Keena’s patient check-in solutions are helping people take a proactive approach to manage their care while providing practices with improved operational efficiency, reduced overhead, and significantly higher payment collections at the point of service.


  • Customizable Intake Workflows
  • Consent Management
  • Registration Command Center
  • Intake Process Analytics
  • Sign Consent Forms
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Alert Office Staff of Arrivals
  • Verify or Change Patient Information
  • Notify Staff of Communication Preferences
  • Payments Processed Directly From Kiosk
  • Patient Self-Registration
  • Improve Forms Management
  • Reduce Patient Registration Errors
  • Double Point-of-Service Collections
  • Reduce Paperwork & Paper Costs


Portals & Engagement

Keep Your
Engaged with
a Patient Portal

Keena is setting new standards for patient engagement. With an increasing demand for better customer service and access to secure Protected Health Information (PHI), our patient engagement solutions are mobile-ready and available from any location. Our EHR-agnostic portals are able to connect to any EHR, giving patients an unprecedented view of their PHI data including lab results, demographics, immunizations, and health history. In addition, our patient portal lets you communicate with patients in a variety of ways with direct secure messaging, SMS, email and push notification so patients can always connect with their providers and be actively engaged in their healthcare. We also offer patient self-scheduling, patient-provider messaging, bill pay and advanced reporting to offer a comprehensive solution for your practice.


  • Direct Secure Messaging
  • Online Bill Payments
  • Prescription Refill Requests
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Access to Health Data
  • Meets MIPS & MACRA Rules
  • HIPAA & HITECH Compliant
  • Improves Interoperability
  • Reduces Staff Workload
  • Optimizes Practice Efficiency
  • Simultaneously Connect Multiple EHR’s
  • User-friendly and Mobile-ready
  • Improves Interoperability
  • EHR-agnostic
  • Comprehensive Reporting

Patient Engagement Insights



Patient as a Consumer in the Value-Based Care Era

The era of the healthcare consumer is here and patients will want to be informed and in control of their care.

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