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Malware and Ransomware attacks on healthcare facilities are increasing in frequency and success. We’re also seeing an increase in the incidence and intensity of natural disasters with the real potential to knock out your IT infrastructure for days or weeks. In this risky environment it’s not only important to have an effective disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place, but also a reliable archival solution and a partner that can quickly act to restore your data if needed.

With KeenaArchive from Keena you get the best of both- a proven solution that can quickly provide access to discreet mission critical clinical and financial data in case of a data emergency; and a world class archival/disaster recovery consultant team.


Planning to Evaluate Your
Archival Solutions?

If you’re planning to evaluate archival solutions soon, why not consider a partner who has extensive experience efficiently implementing these complex applications and understands the requirements necessary to have your organization fully ready to recover quickly from an unexpected data disaster.

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In Need of Disaster Recovery
Assistance Now?

If you’re in the midst of a data recovery crisis now, reach out to Keena to quickly arrange a disaster recovery consult to assess your situation and determine our timeline and ability to bring resources and technology to the situation to help.

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Keena’s KeenaArchive is supplemented by True North’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS) offering. Together we help you plan for business continuity in the face of any malicious data event or natural disaster. KeenaArchive is hosted in a SOC 2 certified environment.

When I logged into the KeenaArchive application for the first time since the event and was able to see the detailed notes and clinical information – it brought tears to my eyes.

Knowing what the organization and providers had gone through for the past few weeks thinking that they may never see that historic data again, I was so thankful to have worked with a partner like Keena to help quickly manage our cyber crisis.”

Christine Strade Chief Executive Officer Olean Medical Group, LLP