The KeenaArchive Suite

The go-to archival solutions for retaining and using patient records in a discrete, accessible, and searchable application.

A Vendor-Agnostic Healthcare Data Suite with Intuitive Dashboards for Full Access to all Archived Patient Data

KeenaArchive Clinical

Archive clinical data from one or multiple EHR systems into a single data warehouse. The KeenaArchive database provides storage, display, and reporting capabilities for discrete data such as population health, meaningful use, compliance and MSSP reporting. Easily search and retrieve archived documents for reference, compliance, and release of records. Configured as a stand-alone application or linked to your clinical systems, KeenaArchive features an intuitive dashboard with instant access to archived patient records. Patient name, medical record number (MRN) and data source location which are always visible at the top of your screen. Selecting a patient record returns preview panels with results, vitals, meds, and allergies as well as related documents. Users can click into each preview panel to get more detail, print, or merge information into a PDF.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

We so much appreciate Keena Healthcare and their involvement in the conversion and archive of our HR and PM system platforms. This project was intimidating because we were changing so many things at once, but with their assistance the process went smoothly, and we were able to be up and running on the new system very quickly with great visibility into our old records in KeenaArchive. Our clinics were quickly operational with minimal disruption to patient care and very easy access to mission-critical clinical and financial patient data.”


Chief Executive Officer, Mission Cancer + Blood

KeenaArchive Financial

KeenaArchive Financial accepts patient data from your old PM or financial system and stores it in a vendor-agnostic data warehouse. Using the KeenaArchive Financial Dashboard, patient billing information is readily available to your back-office staff ensuring that your medical office can continue to bill patients from your previous system without having to maintain and pay for legacy PM systems. FinancialArchive is an easy way to store critical patient financial data while remaining compliant with HIPAA, HITECH and other regulations.

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Go Beyond EHR Conversions

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

When I logged into the KeenaArchive application for the first time since the event and was able to see the detailed notes and clinical information – it brought tears to my eyes.

Knowing what the organization and providers had gone through for the past few weeks thinking that they may never see that historic data again, I was so thankful to have worked with a partner like Keena to help quickly manage our cyber crisis.”


Chief Executive Officer, Olean Medical Group, LLP



Migrating to Epic?

We asked Keena’s conversion experts to compile advice and tips from experience with 50+ Epic Conversion & Archival Projects to help you prepare for your conversion project.


8 Steps to a Successful EHR Conversion

An EHR conversion is a challenging project that can be successfully completed by following a systematic process. These 8 steps will give you a good start in ensuring your probability of success.

Case Studies


A Mission-Critical Data Migration and Archival Project

Keena’s consultants worked closely with OrthoCarolina’s IT staff to facilitate a smooth transition to Epic.


  • Detailed reporting capabilities from any clinical or financial data set in KeenaArchive.
  • Easy access to flexible, detailed clinical and reporting capabilities.
  • Improved quality of care and a better healthcare experience for patients.


Emergency Disaster Recovery

After suffering a catastrophic cyber-attack, the Hutchinson Clinic turned to Keena's KeenaArchive to fully rebuild their clinical database and transition to a new EHR system.


  • Easy access to a complete set of previously corrupted discreet level patient data within 4-6 weeks.
  • Regain access to all their patients’ clinical records.
  • Patients were able to move more efficiently and effectively through the OMG healthcare delivery process.


A Complex EHR Migration Project

Keena introduced Mission Cancer + Blood to KeenaArchive to have their critical clinical and demographic data preserved and archived for easy access.


  • Due to the effective implementation, the EHR migration project was streamlined for everyone involved.
  • Opportunity for clinicians to access patient data quickly and efficiently.
  • Caregivers quickly had cancer history and treatment regimens at their fingertips.


Complex KeenaArchive Migration Project

Mount Nittany Health chose Keena's KeenaArchive to aid in a successful migration of their EHR/PM Systems and data to a new platform.


  • Streamlined a multiple system sign-in process to a single, secure sign-on.
  • Improved workflow and streamlined care delivery.
  • Improved quality of care and a better healthcare experience for patients.

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Interoperability for Healthcare Archives

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