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Emergency Disaster Recovery

Olean Medical Group, LLP


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Founded in 1948

Multi-Specialty Clinic

18 MDs
20 PAs
5 Outreach Locations

Central Corporate Office
Olean, NY

Deployed KeenaArchive
Summer 2019


Addressing a Catastrophic Cyber-Attack

In June of 2019, there was a catastrophic cyber-attack on Olean Medical Group’s (OMGs) Clinical information systems that shut down their entire HIS network and desktop and administrative system operations. Unable to access any of their clinical records, OMG was in a time-critical emergency requiring quick action and smart planning.

At this point in time, they had an off-site system that had data backed up from October 2018 leaving the organization with a 6 month information gap and no functioning server infrastructure or archival applications in place to address the emergency.

OMG was confronted with deciding how to take care of the immediate need of managing patient care while deciding the best way forward to gain access to their electronic record backup data in a provider friendly format.

Prior to the event they were also considering moving to a new EHR system and had to factor in whether to move directly to a new EHR system, Cerner or to rebuild their legacy Allscripts Touchworks EHR platform.

How KeenaArchive Helped


Rapid, Recovery
and Rebuild on a
New EHR Platform


With a strong history of successful projects and an in-depth knowledge of OMGs critical systems, IT team and infrastructure, Keena was chosen as the go-to vendor partner to resolve the situation.

The project was initiated by setting up a new cloud-hosted server provided by Keena’s cloud and disaster recovery services partner, TrueNorth. Keena was able to secure OMGs offsite back up data and move it to the cloud. The KeenaArchive Clinical application was quickly installed and configured and the ETL process began in less than 2 months from the cyber incident.



The initial process took about 4-5 weeks to complete starting from scratch. The full rebuild and transition Cerner was completed in 6 months from initiation and a total of 8 months from the initial cyber attack.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

When I logged into the KeenaArchive application for the first time since the event and was able to see the detailed notes and clinical information, it brought tears to my eyes.

Knowing what the organization and providers had gone through for the past few weeks thinking that they may never see that historic data again, I was so thankful to have worked with a partner like Keena to help quickly manage our cyber crisis.”


CEO, Olean Medical Group, LLP



Keena’s experience with and understanding of OMGs technology infrastructure as well as in-depth knowledge of the culture and staff, allowed for a rapid problem solving and project planning process.

By leveraging their relationship with OMG and their KeenaArchive and conversion tools, Keena completely rebuilt OMGs clinical database and they were provided with easy access to a complete set of discreet level patient data that had been heavily corrupted by the cyber attack, within 4-6 weeks!

In less than 6 months, OMG had recovered so well from the adverse event that they deployed their new Cerner EHR system and went live on system on November 11, 2019.



Providers & Staff

Within a few weeks, providers and staff were able to regain access to all their patients’ clinical records and maintain their previous digital workflow with through KeenaArchive Clinical solution.

Within a few months they were up and running on a new preferred EHR system, Cerner Millennium.

In doing so, they regained the confidence in their organization’s ability to continue to deliver efficient, quality care.



the Patient

After a few weeks of working through the difficult process of patching together a manual method of providing patient care, patients were able to move more efficiently and effectively through the OMG healthcare delivery process with electronic record access.

In addition, since essential patient care data was now easy to access, clinicians had more time to personally interact with each patient during their visit.

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