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A Complex EHR Migration Project

Mission Cancer + Blood


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Founded in 1981
Des Moines, IA

Cancer Center Network

21 MDs
22 APs
22 Outreach Locations

Iowa Clinic
Unity Point Health

KeenaArchive Clinical
& KeenaArchive Financial


Making the Switch from a General EHR to a Specialty EHR

Mission Cancer + Blood reached an end-point with their existing general-use EHR/PM system and decided to move to an oncology specific provider. Through a long-standing and trusted relationship, they hired Keena Healthcare Technology to manage their EHR Vendor Selection process.

In addition, they needed to have their critical clinical and demographic data preserved and archived for easy access during and after the migration to their new specialty EHR. With intimate knowledge of their organizational data needs, Keena subsequently introduced Mission Cancer + Blood to KeenaArchive Clinical and Financial solutions as an alternative to a more expensive and time-consuming discreet data conversion project.

How KeenaArchive Helped


With KeenaArchive in place, care givers quickly had cancer history and treatment regimens at their fingertips ensuring patients received the best care with minimal interruptions.



Because of Keena’s long-standing relationship with Mission Cancer + Blood, which included managing both the EHR selection and data conversion projects with skilled and dedicated FTE’s, the implementation of both Clinical and Financial – KeenaArchive was executed very efficiently. The overall cost of the total project timeline and costs were reduced by about 20% due to standing knowledge of the clients’ internal systems.

In addition, due to the effective implementation of KeenaArchive with easy and broad access to critical legacy clinical and financial data, the Allscripts TW EHR to ONCO EHR migration project was enhanced and streamlined for everyone involved.

As Mission Cancer + Blood continued to expand, they needed a place to hold records of those acquired groups that were joining them for easy access going forward. KeenaArchive Clinical enabled this critical functionality for the practice.



Providers & Staff

KeenaArchive presented an opportunity for clinicians to access patient data quickly and efficiently. Prior to moving the KeenaArchive Clinical, providers would often travel to outlying locations without access to patient records in the hospital. KeenaArchive made it possible to get to that information, easily enhancing their productivity and improving care delivery.



the Patient

All the caregivers now have cancer history and treatment regimens data at their fingertips to ensure that patients were getting the best care while eliminating unnecessary repetitive testing. In addition, since important patient clinical information was now easy to access, clinicians had more time to interact with the patient during their visit.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

We so much appreciate Keena and their involvement in the conversion and archive of our EHR and PM system platforms.

Our clinics were quickly operational with minimal disruption to patient care and very easy access to mission-critical clinical and financial patient data.”


Chief Executive Officer, Mission Cancer + Blood

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