case study

ConnectR-to-QIE with Epic Migration

Orthopedic Specialty Clinic


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Mid Atlantic, US

Sports Medicine Clinic

150 MDs
22 Outreach Locations

Deployed QIE
and ~40 interfaces,

Qvera Interface Engine


Legacy Software Bottlenecks Grow Over Time

The client had to replace several vital legacy systems while migrating to a new interface engine as technical support for ConnectR was limited and they were no longer receiving system upgrades. This resulted in the following organizational challenges:

  • Interface errors increased requiring additional resources to manage them, some requiring time-consuming work-arounds.
  • Several IT staff hours were required each weekend to reboot the system to keep it active from week-to-week.
  • Timely access to important clinical data for patient care teams was affected resulting in workflow pressures and stress for providers.
  • Multiple competing IT projects including migration to Epic EHR/ PM systems were adding to IT department resource constraints.

The client’s IT team was tasked with finding a 3rd party provider who could move quickly to migrate dozens of mission-critical interfaces to a new IE platform, and, eventually to their new EHR system (Epic).

Qvera Interface Engine


and Expertise
to Save Time
and Money


Given the scope of managing several IT initiatives the client turned to a proven partner in Keena who installed the Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) and managed the interface migration project.

Keena’s expert consultants systematically created ~25 integration channels, migrated ~40 different information system interfaces and freed up client IT resources to focus on additional priority IT projects including the migration to Epic EHR/PM.

In addition, Keena was given responsibility to manage all legacy system interface errors until the Epic project team was ready to move.



With QIE in place, the IT staff began operating in a much more stable and workflow friendly environment. The entire organization now has consistent access to accurate patient data that improves care delivery!

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

During a critical time period when we had multiple competing strategic IT projects to manage, Keena provided the expert support and technical resources required acting like an extension of our internal IT team. Their contribution during this critical transition allowed my staff to focus on other organizational priorities.

Between leveraging our new Qvera Interface Engine and Keena’s expert resources, we now have improved and timely access to patient data to better manage care delivery.


VP of Information Services



Because of Keena’s experience working with the client on several integration projects and their expertise with QIE, they were able to step in quickly to provide guidance and leadership during the entire interface migration initiative.

The organization recognized several benefits during their first year working with Keena on QIE:

  • In taking over legacy error management tasks, Keena freed up IT staff for other priority projects.
  • The ease-of-use and improved workflow of QIE streamlined day-to-day administration of interfaces and stabilized IT support needs.
  • QIE’s enhanced functionality enabled HL7 data to be leveraged as a conversion methodology to populate Epic and helped streamline the Epic conversion project.



Providers & Staff

QIE’s state-of-the-art application enabled enhanced and timely access to patient data for the entire organization and led to improved clinical workflows for patient care teams.

For example, prior to the QIE implementation, weekend Urgent Care and MRI Services caregivers frequently found themselves interrupting clinical workflows to contact remote IT staff for data support needs.

After QIE, disruptions to their workflow for IT support was virtually eliminated.



the Patient

Enhanced data access and clinical workflow efficiencies led to improved quality of care and a better care delivery experience for patients.

New reporting capabilities through QIE enabled actionable quality of care follow-up for preventative tests and procedures.

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