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A Mission-Critical Data Migration and Archival Project



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Founded in 1922
Charlotte, NC

Orthopedic/Sports Medicine

System: NextGen

150 MDs
100 PAs
100 PTs
22 Outreach Locations

Deployed KeenaArchive
Clinical: August 2021
Deployed KeenaArchive
Financial: August 2022


After much thought and planning, OrthoCarolina made the strategic decision to migrate from Allscripts TWEHR to Epic EHR. While working through the details of their complex project plan, they began to focus on the need to provide easy access to their clinical and financial legacy system data to facilitate a smooth transition to their new EHR/PM platform. That led them to evaluate data Archival solutions.

During the Archival project planning and evaluation process, they came to a crossroads. They were faced with a decision to either sequence the Archival project after the EHR platform transition, or to parallel track the project and implement a double Big-Bang project plan (EHR Migration and Data Archival project).

In the end, they decided to move ahead with parallel tracking both projects. In doing so, OrthoCarolina’s IT team was tasked with finding a 3rd party provider who could effectively manage their complex data extraction and conversion projects, along with an equally intricate legacy data archival project.

Leveraging Technology, Experience and Success to Save Time and Money


Given the scope of managing multiple difficult and costly IT initiatives OrthoCarolina went through a step-wise RFP process to select the best vendor partner to manage their wide-ranging IT plans.

Ultimately, they selected a proven partner in Keena Healthcare Technology who was already working with their organization installing a new interface engine and facilitating their interface migration process.

Keena’s consultants worked closely with OrthoCarolina’s IT staff to implement their conversion project and Keena’s KeenaArchive Clinical solution, in parallel. They rolled out the KeenaArchive Financial module several months after the initial Clinical Archive project.


Within 9-12 months, OrthoCarolina simultaneously went live on Epic and KeenaArchive Clinical. The entire OrthoCarolina organization had immediate access to accurate continuity of care patient data that improved care delivery!

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

During a particularly complex and mission critical dual project, Keena's expert resources helped facilitate a smooth and efficient migration from Allscripts TouchWorks EHR to Epic. At the same time, they implemented their archival solution, KeenaArchive which saved our organization the time and money of doing these projects separately.

Our continuity of care was maintained during the transition, which was a great benefit to our providers, and the ability to sunset legacy systems during the process was a great relief on tight resources, freed servers, and allowed us to save on legacy license fees.

The overall experience was exceptional, particularly given the complexity and scope of the projects implemented!”


VP of Information Services, OrthoCarolina



OrthoCarolina and Keena’s effective dual implementation of the EHR migration and archival projects, enabled them to provide the organization and staff with several clinical and financial benefits as follows:

  • Running projects in parallel saved both time and $$’s vs running separate projects, managing the database, twice.
  • Continuity of care was maintained, and detailed legacy clinical data was immediately made available to the organization enhancing care delivery
  • Sunsetting legacy apps freed servers, ending license fees, and the resources needed to maintain these systems.
  • Enabled a simple and secure release of records capability for HIPAA and operational requirements.
  • Keena pulled financial data to create views in Tableau enabling detailed reporting capabilities from any clinical or financial data set in KeenaArchive.
  • Cash flow is maintained through easy access to essential patient financial data, while remaining compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, and other regulations.



The IT Team

KeenaArchive allowed the opportunity for clinicians to access patient data from all legacy ambulatory systems, through a single sign-on efficiently and securely, which improved workflow and streamlined care delivery.

By parallel tracking the KeenaArchive project there was no need to enter data into a legacy system eliminating the risk of errant or missing clinical data being transferred to Epic.

In addition, clinicians now had easy access to flexible, detailed clinical and reporting capabilities to help their ongoing quality improvement efforts.



Providers & Staff

Improved clinical workflow efficiencies along with data access and reporting capabilities led to improved quality of care and a better healthcare experience for patients.

One stop for release of patient records made it easier and more efficient to get health records into the hands of patients, when needed.

All these improvements had a positive impact on the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

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