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Streamlining Workflow with EHR Barcode Reader

The Jackson Clinic


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Founded in 1950
Jackson, TN

First Multispecialty Clinic
in the State of Tennessee

145 Providers
25 Specialties
12 Outreach Locations

Implemented Keena’s
EHR Barcode Reader:
Q4 2018


Required Transition Drives Search for a New Solution

As a large and growing multi-specialty provider organization, the Jackson Clinic was frequently challenged to streamline their immunization process, particularly during the very busy fall and winter flu season.

They found their existing process to be cumbersome with multiple manual data entry points that predictably resulted in workflow inefficiencies and data entry errors. Their flu clinic team decided that it was time to look for an automated solution that included barcode technology to help eliminate manual steps, reduce data entry errors and improve productivity.

Simultaneously, they planned to revamp their vaccine and medication administration processes to leverage the advanced technology. They also had a specific need for workflow automation in the PEDs clinic and with ongoing Covid-19 vaccine needs for their employees.

Keena and EHR Barcode
Reader Address Workflow



For years, Keena and the Jackson Clinic have collaborated on dozens of data integration projects, implemented workflow applications and custom script projects, all with a focus on improving efficiency and the quality-of-care delivery.

Keena’s deep understanding of Jackson’s needs and clinical workflow challenges lead to an easy decision to select Keena’s EHR Barcode Reader application for their organization.



Significant time-savings were quickly realized when Keena consultants worked closely with Jackson’s staff providing guidance and improvements in workflow.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Before EHR Barcode Reader was installed, we consistently struggled to keep up with the seasonal rush to administer flu vaccines with challenging manual methods. The constant push led to staff fatigue and inefficiencies. We needed technology and a revised vaccine workflow process to enable our flu and immunization clinics to run more effectively and improve care delivery outcomes.

Since installing EHR Barcode Reader, we’ve realized a noticeable time-savings in our flu and PEDs clinics. Data entry errors have decreased significantly, and staff satisfaction has increased. Most importantly, the changes have resulted in patients receiving better care and an improved care delivery experience.”


Director of Information Systems, The Jackson Clinic



After implementing Keena’s EHR Barcode Reader application and making appropriate changes to workflow to accommodate the new technology, the Jackson Clinic saw a significant improvement in productivity.

The follow benefits were realized in their immunization and vaccine clinic:

  • Increased speed and accuracy of flu vaccine delivery particularly with immunizations in the PEDs clinic.
  • Fewer data entry errors resulting in increased patient safety.
  • The integration with Allscripts TouchWorks including med and immunization charge posting led to fewer missed reimbursement opportunities and increased revenue.



Providers & Staff

Barcode automation of vaccine data capture and workflow changes have enabled significant improvements in immunization output for providers and staff, reducing fatigue and improving job satisfaction.

As an added benefit, the latest enhancements to the product have enabled Jackson Clinic to more effectively manage complex and ongoing Covid-19 vaccinations for Jackson providers and staff.



the Patient

Improved workflow resulted in less time for the patient in the clinic and more facetime with clinicians during the procedure.

These improvements had a positive impact on patient satisfaction.

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