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Managing Release of Records Requests

Primary Care Partners


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Established in 1998
Grand Junction, CO

Family Practice Group,
Independently Owned

70 Providers
9 Physician Practices
3 Locations

Deployed Chart2PDF:
Summer, 2021


As a busy primary care group practice, Primary Care Partners (PCP)  of Grand Junction, CO had many bulk chart release requests for  several 3rd party needs such as legal and insurance audits, disability  requests, and MD transfers. In addition, the number of individual  patient and MD referral chart requests was on the rise.  

Their legacy chart release application had limited functionality  and required manual intervention to get the release of information  necessary for the specific format requested, in an accurate and  timely manner.  

Release of records was becoming increasingly troublesome with  workflow bottlenecks creating inefficiencies at a time of staff  shortages and increasing chart release requests. PCP determined  that they needed a more full-featured application that would fit  their current 3rd party requests and work effectively with a planned  medical records workflow reorganization to address their growing  needs. 


Chart2PDF Meets Release of Records Workflow Requirements

As a trusted vendor over many years, PCP reached out to Keena  to provide them with a solution to their chart release requirements.  After a thorough evaluation of Keena’s Chart2PDF application, the  final decision to move forward with Chart2PDF was an easy one.  

Keena’s implementation team was deployed after careful planning  around a Touchworks EHR upgrade. The entire implementation,  system configuration, testing and training took about 4 weeks to  complete.  




With Chart2PDF fully deployed and Keena’s consulting team in place  for support, PCP was able to leverage the enhanced chart release  and formatting capabilities to easily meet the needs of their 3rd  party release of records requests. 

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

As a large primary care practice, release of records was becoming an increasing challenge that our legacy charting system was unable to address. We needed a solution that would easily manage the volume and complexity of our requirements and enable a planned departmental reorganization.

We looked to our trusted partner, Keena, who recommended their Chart2PDF solution. The product was efficiently implemented and has allowed our organization to meaningfully increase our release of records output. We have been able to meet our growing volume and complexity of reporting demands.

Chart2PDF also fit very nicely into our departmental reorganization plans and streamlined our processes to the point where provider and staff fatigue with release of records workload has been nearly eliminated. We've very happy with the product and Keena's support of it.”

— Michael Miller

Director of IT, Primary Care Partners – Grand Junction, CO



Chart2PDF’s enhanced capabilities resulted in the following benefits for PPC:

  • Chart production capacity increased substantially from pre-Chart2PDF capacity.
  • Quick response to bulk chart extractions for legal and insurance audits were enabled without interference to system performance during peak work hours.
  • Chart2PDFs enhanced filtering and formatting capabilities were leveraged by HIM department to easily meet 3rd party records release requirements.
  • Advanced patient searching significantly reduced the time required for individual patient and MD release of records needs.
  • Data security improved as PMI was more securely protected through the software’s password protection functionality.



Providers & Staff

PPC’s medical records teams release of records production was significantly enhanced due to the advanced features and capabilities of Chart2PDF.

Provider involvement in Medicare and/or legal chart auditing tasks was dramatically reduced.

Chart2PDF solution very nicely enabled PPC’s plans to streamline their release of records workflow process to reduce provider and staff fatigue.



the Patient

In common situations where a patient needs a release of records form to take to provider to another healthcare or insurance organization, it’s now a very quick and convenient process for them.

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