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Streamlined Vaccinations and Meds Administration

Mankato Clinic


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Multispecialty Clinic
Founded in 1916

Serving Mankato,
North Mankato, St. Peter
and Mapleton, MN

180 Providers
800 FTEs
11 Sites

Deployed EHR Barcode
Reader in April 2020


Required Transition Drives Search for a New Solution

As Covid-19 was taking hold in 2020, Mankato Clinic was challenged to streamline a cumbersome ordering, recording, and tracking process for vaccinations and meds administration.

A typical day would involve providers giving clinical staff orders on the fly, leaving them to scroll through a long list of keywords and registries to select the correct vaccine or medication. The process was exacerbated during Pediatric multi-immunization visits. The average data entry process involved anywhere from 12-20 clicks, in addition to time-consuming keyword scrolling challenges!

During busy flu season, with staffing shortages due to Covid-19, it was not unusual to find the vaccine information statement (VIS) incompletely filled out or filled out inaccurately. The physicians were vocal in pushing the clinical and IT staff for a solution.

Everyone was ready for a positive change.

How Barcode Reader Helped


A Smooth



Because Mankato had a long-standing relationship with Keena for several years managing various IT projects and Touchworks EHR upgrades, they were very comfortable moving ahead with them to deploy Barcode Reader in spring of 2020.

Keena’s consultants were very familiar with Mankato’s staff and EHR/ PM platforms, so the implementation and training went smoothly. Clinical staff quickly discovered that it was very easy to update the many changing flu and Covid-19 vaccines in the product.



  • Touchworks EHR vaccine per-click count lowered down to 1-2 clicks.
  • VIS statements populated accurately and in entirety.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Before we implemented Keena's EHR Barcode Reader, we were looking at cumbersome and inefficient workflow that required 12-20 clicks just to process an order in Touchworks EHR. In addition, we were also seeing incomplete or errantly filled out VIS (vaccine information statements), that was a concern.

We're now seeing more complete records, and more productive providers and staff. We've been able to reduce our order entry click counts down to 1-2 clicks; and we're able to bring new, inexperienced staff up to speed in our vaccine clinics very quickly due to the new technology. Barcode Reader has had a positive impact on Mankato Clinic.”


Director of Health Information, Mankato Clinic



By implementing EHR Barcode Reader technology into their vaccine and meds administration processes, Mankato Clinic saw a significant improvement in workflow and data entry comprehensiveness and accuracy

  • Easy implementation and quick process for adding new vaccines and medications.
  • Reduced order click counts from 12-20 down to 1-2 clicks saving time and frustration.
  • Automatic defaults for manufacturer, dose and VIS dates were a quick win for clinical staff.
  • Auto-flags prevented wrong drugs being administered preventing drug admin errors.
  • New, inexperienced staff coming in have a very quick learning curve for immunizations and meds administration training.



Providers & Staff

Workflow enhancements such as reduced click counts, standard drug data defaults, and new scanning workflow enabled significant improvements in vaccine clinic output and improved the overall accuracy of data entry and tracking.

Clinical staff saw an improvement in morale and satisfaction during a difficult period with increases Covid-19 cases and frequent staff shortages.



the Patient

Barcode scanning technology resulted in less time for the patient in the clinic and more facetime with clinicians during the procedure.

Reduced errors to VIS and auto-flags catching potential drug admin errors led to increase patient safety.

All these improvements had a positive impact on the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

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