EHR Migration Journal 2

Initial Planning,
Vendor Evaluation and Selection

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As you begin planning for selecting a new EHR platform there are several critical decisions to consider along with operational and budgetary planning for this complex project. Since healthcare delivery is in a state of constant evolution, many organizations begin this project by taking a step back to objectively assess their current EHR platform and vendor partner to establish an updated set of criteria that are essential to running an efficient and competitive healthcare delivery organization.

Once you have agreed upon an updated set of clinical, financial, operational, and technical criteria for your EHR platform to meet, you can then determine where your current system is falling short and begin to define essential requirements for a new platform that can be used in the evaluation and selection process.

In speaking to several clients looking at EHR platform change, we’re seeing some common issues resulting in excessive operational pain and unnecessary cost drivers.

Does This Sound Familiar?

With staff shortages and some organizations lacking staff with the skill sets required to manage this type of a project, EHR migrations are either being delayed, or short-cuts are being taken resulting in bad decisions, extended timelines, and increased costs. In other cases, an unexpected urgent IT project occurs pulling staff from your evaluation project causing interruptions and delays. In many cases staff being pulled into your EHR planning and selection process leave your day-to-day EHR operations struggling with inadequate support.

We Can Help

Dealing with a tight labor market while managing an EHR planning and selection project requires quick access to experienced and skilled resources, and efficient project templates that will allow you to complete this important project on time and on budget. In addition, we can help mitigate the chance of making a critical wrong decision that would cost your department dearly. Look to Keena to provide expert healthcare consultants – many of whom have previously worked for organizations like yours and are managing clients today facing the same types of challenges.

Keena Partner Spotlight
Altera/Allscripts | Epic | NextGen Healthcare

Keena has developed strong strategic relationship with three leading EHR/PM platforms: Altera/Allscripts, Epic, and NextGen Healthcare. We have gone through rigorous certification processes for all three vendors and have integrated workflow applications that work seamlessly with each EHR platform. We have several consultants with deep knowledge of and experience with each partner solution. And, we have worked in collaboration with each partner in providing feedback on API’s and workflow to improve their 3rd party certification programs.

EHR Selection Tip

“If doctors don’t use it, nothing else matters!”

We’ve found that it’s critically important to intimately involve your clinical team throughout the EHR evaluation and selection process to make sure their needs and concerns are heard and documented. This includes having at least one member of the clinical leadership team as a member of your EHR Selection Committee.