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Founded in 1949 in
Murfreesboro, TN

Independently Owned


5.5 IT FTE’S


Required Transition Drives Search for a New Solution

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic and Surgicenter (MMC) is an independently-owned physician clinic in Rutherford County, Tennessee. For over 60 years, MMC has been trusted by the community to provide quality health care to thousands of families, where they first introduced the theory of a multispecialty clinic to the area.

Until recently, MMC and Dr. Nicholas Coté, D.O. | Chief Medical Information Officer, struggled to get their arms around the data they required to identify care gaps and actively engage patients to close those gaps and improve care. “Effectively managing patient populations is the future of success in healthcare. We had our eyes set on achieving Level-3 Medical Home Certification status, but we were considerably challenged to capture the data and reporting capabilities we required to achieve that important initiative,” said Coté.



  • Prior to the intervention only 9% of MMC’s Medicare population had completed their annual exam. After the outreach, the compliance increased to 19% of the target population having completed this exam. This dramatic improvement occurred over the span of less than six months.
  • In addition to providing key medical services to a vulnerable population, the proactive patient engagement generated $180K in additional revenue to the practice.


A little over a year ago, Dr. Coté led an MMC team on a search to find a population health solution. Their requirements for a product were clear. They were looking for a system that would capture and analyze clinical and claims data, was easy to understand, easy to use, and integrated with their EHR system (Allscripts® TouchWorks™ EHR). In addition, they required a solution that combined analysis and reporting capabilities with an actionable point-of-care functionality to close care gaps where doctor meets patient.

That’s when they found QIS Inform, which brings together EagleDream Health’s powerful analytics, population health and care management system with EHR Integration Service’s point-of-care solution, both seamlessly linked to TouchWorksEHR.

The integration of QIS Inform into TouchWorks EHR was followed by a smooth implementation, orientation and training process for a lead group of key MMC staff and clinicians.



MMC was quickly able to generate important care gap reports that previously had been either impossible or very time consuming to produce. One of their early targets was MMC’s Medicare population. They were concerned that many patients were missing routine preventative services. With reports in hand, the clinical team engaged with patients at the point-of-care and through proactive outreach to close those gaps. The impressive early results are outlined below.


What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

We've only been using QIS Inform for a few months, but we're already seeing an impact on patient care and patient engagement, and the system has already paid for itself!”

— Nicholas Coté, D.O.

Chief Medical Information Officer, Murfreesboro Medical Clinic and Surgicenter

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