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Staff Augmentation & Advisory Services

Hutchinson Clinic


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Founded in 1959
Hutchinson, KS

Multispecialty Clinic

100+ Providers
5 Locations
600 Employees

Keena IT consulting
services were hired
in February 2018 and
continue actively
through 2021

Altera TouchWorks EHR


Assisting with an IT Staff Shortfall in a Tough Local Labor Market

In early 2018, Hutchinson Clinic’s IT leadership found themselves in a difficult position with an EHR/PM and core IT staff shortfall in a tough local skilled labor market, and a demanding list of essential projects in need of implementation and management. Immediate needs included:

  • Support of day-to-day Altera Touchworks EHR (TWEHR) support tickets and essential ancillary IT system functions.
  • Implementation and maintenance of their eReferral system
  • Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) program rollout
  • Integrating digital cardiopulmonary equipment platforms
  • Training new IT staff hires

Since the original agreement, the project has grown significantly, and
additional Keena consultants are now assisting with these projects:

  • System Upgrades including TWEHR v20 and v22
  • EHR Optimization
  • Ancillary System Integrations
  • Report Writing and Database Scripting

Staff Augmentation and Advisory Services


Keena Consultants,
an Extension of the
Internal IT Team


Altera TouchWorks EHR/Allscripts PM and related integrated ancillary systems are complex in nature and require experienced and skilled IT staff to maintain day-to-day operations and to train new hires as they are needed.

Since Hutchinson had been working with Keena for several years on numerous interrelated IT projects with excellent results, it was natural for them to turn to Keena to supplement their staff shortfall and keep important IT projects moving forward.

Keena IT support consultants were deployed within a few weeks of signing an agreement and their work with Hutchinson continues on several new projects today.


With Keena IT staff in place, Hutchinson Clinic quickly shored up day-to-day support of essential IT systems and methodically implemented important projects within the first few months of their hire.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

We were at a point in time where our IT staff shortfall and tight local labor market had the potential to disrupt our ability to manage mission critical daily operations.

After bringing in skilled and experienced Keena IT consultants to support our department, we not only were able to effectively maintain essential IT systems but also implement new quality and efficiency processes enabling applications and programs.

The result was an increase in staff satisfaction and overall increase in our clinical operations and improvement in care delivery.”


CEO, Hutchinson Clinic



With the support of skilled and knowledgeable IT consultants from Keena, Hutchinson Clinic quickly realized numerous benefits leading to improved efficiencies for the clinic, such as:

  • Faster, consistent response times to daily core IT systems tickets.
  • Efficient, less costly implementation of IT system upgrades.
  • Optimization of TWEHR/PM systems.
  • Integration of several databases and ancillary clinical and financial applications.
  • Streamlined custom SQL reporting process that enhanced operational and clinical reporting.
  • A consistent and efficient new IT employee training program.



The IT Team

With their keen knowledge of Hutchinson Clinic’s IT personnel and systems, Keena was brought in as a true extension of the team to collaborate and/or lead on several critical initiatives. As a result, the IT department saw the following benefits:

  • More efficient use of core HIT systems and expanded system value.
  • Ability to bring on new, state-of-the-art applications which enhanced their overall industry knowledge and skill set.
  • Consistent, up-to-date training on all core IT systems.
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction.



Providers & Staff

The Keena consulting team was directed to focus on several clinical IT projects such as: optimization of TWEHR; integration of several cardiopulmonary devices / bidirectional immunization registry; and the creation of custom operational/quality reports.

Through these focused, clinical projects, Hutchinson Clinic providers had increased access to important clinical and operations data that improved their overall performance and had a direct impact on patient care.

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