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Clearwave and Keena have been trusted partners in the healthcare technology industry for over a decade. Specialty practices, hospitals and health systems use Clearwave to enhance patient self-scheduling, streamline patient registration and intake, automate patient communications and create true financial transparency for both the patient and practice alike through real-time, automated insurance verification. Clearwave provides our clients with a purpose-built platform to grow revenue, increase point-of-service collections, accelerate patient acquisition and retention — all while reducing staff workloads and churn. Clearwave Core solutions are fully configurable and automated, so you can align each patient touchpoint with critical practice and provider requirements. Unlock your growth potential with Clearwave today!

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Clearwave Benefits

Accelerate Point-of-Service Collections
Drive cash flow, driving upwards of a 112% increase in point-of-service collections by prompting patients to pay every time they check in. Capture co-pays, past-due balances and estimations via private, self-registration. Clearwave seamlessly integrates into your existing payment processor or one of our preferred partners for advanced features.


Truly Self-Service Registration
Provides patients with passwordless and portal-free self-registration options via kiosks, tablets, mobile QR codes and pre-registration links – resulting in shorter wait times, improved data accuracy and streamlined point-of-service collections. Ask for payment every time a patient checks in and give patients an option to keep their card on file.


Reduced Claims Rejections
Clearwave patient self-registration has helped numerous practices significantly drop claims rejections rates by helping them capture correct patient data, reconcile and update information and improve insurance eligibility management — all with automation.


Maximize Your Schedule
With real-time online scheduling and an automated waitlist, you can fill last-minute gaps and give your patients the ownership to book appointments 24/7. Clearwave’s smart patient self-scheduling solution match patients with the right providers, at the right times, to create appointments that reflect providers’ preferences, maximize organizational efficiency and best address your patients’ needs.


Fully Configurable Patient Registration Workflows
Configure registration workflows to best suit your needs. Clearwave registration is built to support all your practice’s requirements — take out repeat questions, capture compliance information, source premium service leads and more.


Instant Insurance Verification
Reduce the hassle, lag time and complexity of patient insurance verification. Instantly verify primary, secondary and tertiary insurance and determine patient copays.


Automated Communications
Make patient communication simple, automated and effective. Clearwave’s easy-to-use tools reduce no-shows and lapsed patients while providing the communication your patients require. Enhance practice productivity and streamline patient acquisition and retention, with communications that work.


Patient Data Where You Need it Most
Collect the most accurate patient data including demographics, compliance information, medical intake, custom questions, and more. All forms and information captured during registration is automatically reconciled and integrated into your PMS/EHR. Each Clearwave registration modality can capture electronic signatures, and patient drivers’ license and insurance card images.


A Vendor that CAREs
At the core, Clearwave is committed to superior client onboarding and ongoing client success with an unsurpassed client-partner relationship through clearwaveCARE. Learn more at


Clearwave Customers See:

  • 112% increase in point-of-service collections
  • 2x increase in premium service revenue
  • 3x Co-pays & deductibles paid up front
  • 90% reduction in wait times
  • 94% decrease in rejected insurance claims
  • 84% adoption of self-scheduling
  • 61% of online scheduling for last-minute openings
  • 99% patient utilization of self-service registration
  • 75% of patients confirm appointments & 50% pre-registered
  • 40% decrease in no-show rates