Patient Check-in
and Eligibility Solutions

Clearwave provides streamlined check-in solutions for hospitals, health systems, clinics and specialty practices. Clearwave helps avoid lines, reduce check-in times, check patient insurance eligibility, collect upfront payment to reduce insurance rejections. Clearwave will improve your cash flow, especially point-of service collections between 25% – 65%, making for happier patients and less stressed staff.

Specialty Practices | Physicians Practices | Hospitals and Health Systems

Insurance Eligibility
Reduce patient wait-times and staff overhead through the fastest insurance eligibility on the market. Reduce the number of rejected claims by automatically verifying patient insurance eligibility in real time.

Patient Check-in
Reduce lines and watch your patient check-in times go down to three minutes or less.

Improve Point-of-service Collections
Patient’s are now healthcare consumers and expect a better way to pay for and manage their medical expenses. Increase patient payment at the point-of-service by changing the payment expectation model.

Provide Convenience And Choice For You Patients
Your patient’s have preferences in how they want interact with your check-in processes, Clearwave offers kiosk, tablet or our mobile application to accommodate patient check-in preferences.

Build Customized Patient Experiences For Your Patients
With up to 13 language options and patient forms and questionnaires design to your specifications, the Clearwave custom experience makes the check-in process easier for you patients to understand and more efficient for your practice.

Improve Productivity and Workflow
Providing self-service tools for your patients helps reduce the load on your staff for check-in, payment processing and collections. Allow your staff to better server patients by focusing more on their health concerns and less on redundant administrative tasks.