An advanced interface engine
for true interoperability throughout
your healthcare organization.

Connecting healthcare through interoperability

Interfaces & QIE Sales Sheet

QIE 4.0: The HL7 Interface Built for the Healthcare Cloud

When you work with Keena & QVERA, you are partnering with the Experts in Healthcare Interoperability. The QVERA Interface Engine (QIE) delivers flexibility, simplicity, and reliable performance as the new industry standard for interface engines. QIE has an intuitive visual interface allowing for rapid development and implementation with integrating with the latest healthcare cloud technology. EHR Integration Services has the expertise and services to successfully deploy and integrate your new practice interface. Together, we provide the best interface solution available and the only interface engine you’ll ever need!


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Rapid Interface Development

Works with all data formats and standards

Integrates with all IHE profiles

Powerful Node-Path Syntax for Querying Message Data

Visual Channel Editor for Rapid Interface Development

Infinitely Scalable, Highly Available and Built for Cloud Technology

Compatible with all communications protocols

Provides alerting, monitoring, and error management