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Automated healthcare document management for better workflow.

Patient Chart Filing

Did you know that 70% of healthcare providers are unhappy with their practice’s medical records management? That’s because managing medical records is time-consuming and tedious. Manual workflow is a problem in today’s connected practice, where efficiency, outcomes, and high-value care are prioritized. Scanning records by hand is inefficient, imperils your EHR workflow, and demands high staff resources that could be better utilized elsewhere. If that’s not enough, the manual workflow is also causing a much more serious problem – unfiled patient documents.


Smartfiler is a document automation system for filing medical records into your EHR.

SmartFiler accepts documents including fax, paper, PDF, and data from other sources such as EMRs. Leveraging AI technology, It then analyzes, categorizes, and indexes the files directly into your EHR, based on your requirements. Physicians are then tasked with new orders in the EHR.


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Smartfiler Benefits

Eliminates patient information delays and boost patient care with guaranteed 4 or 24 hour indexing times

Reduces your staff filing time up to 95% providing much needed additional time back to HIM and other filing staff at clinics

Automates your hard-to-manage filing habits and policies with a combination of SmartFiler’s technology and experienced SmartFiler data validation staff

Eliminates over a billion clicks in our customers’ EHRs platforms such as Epic, Allscripts, Cerner, Athena, NextGen, eCW and more

Use the best technology available to boost the accuracy of your filing to 99.99% utilizing our AI-based, attended robotics process automation solution

Nearly implements itself with no software management, servers, databases, upgrades and more by leveraging SmartFiler’s proven 90 day implementation