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CPTII Coding

Welcome to the third issue of the Keena Bulletin

The latest news, information, and tips for our Altera clients.

Issue #3

Upgrade Planning

TWEHR Versioning and Key Dates:

  • June 15, 2022 – Microsoft will be sunsetting Internet Explorer. Recommendation is v19.4 clients be on v19.4 WC4 or v20+ by this date. If v19.4 WC4 is planned, run TWEHR via “MS Edge in IE Compatibility mode”.
  • 1/1/2023 to 10/1/2023 – All active TWEHR clients have to be on v22.1 by the first date of their 2023 reporting period. Each has their own “reporting period start date.”

Client To Dos:

  • NetSuite Case: Please enter a support case with Keena for any upgrade or Unity changes. Recommendation is to do this as soon as you have a date and not just the week before a go-live. This will trigger Keena’s account review and determination of our required involvement and assignment of resources.

What’s the Buzz this month?

CPTII Coding Automation
Leverage Process Automation to Streamline CPTII Code Submission

Major insurance carriers are increasing pressure on provider organizations to link CPTII codes to certain visit charges to improve their quality scores and reimbursement levels. In many cases, this process involves extra chart lookups and manual tasks to meet new submission requirements. Are you facing similar disruptive workflow changes? If so, we can help.


how can we help?

Keena developed a client-driven custom scripting utility that streamlines manual workflows associated with new CPTII coding requirements and results in a happier, more productive coding team for your organization.



Keena’s CPTII Coding Automation solution analyzes patient charts to automatically qualify specific CPTII Codes for reimbursement and/or quality reporting. It works in conjunction with your outbound charge interface to evaluate patient/encounter CPTII codes, then automatically appends “qualifying” codes onto an HL7 message. The result is visit data arriving in your PM with qualifying codes entered accurately, without human intervention!

With Keena’s CPTII Coding Automation Solution…

  • You have access to a CPTII coding automation library of quality measures that are adjusted with new measures added regularly, as the need arises.
  • The coding staff can expect to recognize significant time-savings, eliminating previously required chart pulls, record lookups and error tracking/corrections related to manual CPTII Coding submission.
  • Increased productivity will enable staff to be redeployed onto other organizational coding priorities to improve departmental productivity and performance.
  • Your organization will see a significant reduction in CPTII coding submission errors.

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We turned to Keena as we’ve done in the past to help us solve an organizational workflow problem – in this case, managing expanded CPTII coding requirements.

Keena delivered an automated solution to meet our needs in 4-months! The solution significantly reduced our time to manage new requirements, improved our quality scores, and resulted in increased reimbursement levels for the organization.

It’s certainly one of the contributing factors to the Jackson Clinic achieving its 5-Star Quality rating with BC/BS of Tennessee.”


Spotlight on Clinical Data Advisory Services

With many organizations looking at major system upgrades or migrations to new EHR/PM systems in 2022, look to Keena’s Clinical Data Advisory Services to provide experienced, leading healthcare consultants- many who have previously worked for organizations like ours and systems like yours, and are managing clients facing similar challenges.

Here is a sampling of our Clinical Data Advisory offerings:


Optimization Reviews

Most workflow challenges for end-user staff and management are the result of complex EHR/PM and ancillary systems being rapidly deployed. These deployments can often lead to misconfigured software and cumbersome workflows that negatively impact productivity. Our team evaluates and recommends system optimization reviews on a regular basis. Through these systemic workflow analyses our team will provide a detailed report of adjustments that lead to an organization working smarter, not harder.


Project Management

Regulatory and organizational changes often result in new and unexpected projects. Timely implementation of these projects often requires the need for an expert resource to help backfill staff daily tasks or to lead the project. Our project management team will evaluate your needs and bring in experienced project managers or task oriented consultants to make sure your plans stay on course with a successful conclusion. Examples Include: Major system upgrades, software conversions, EHR/PM system evaluations, and new location or specialty rollouts.


Custom Reporting

Data is only as powerful as the analytic algorithms that drive operational reporting. Although most systems come with a standard set of reports that cover your basic data management needs, it is nearly impossible to achieve peak organizational efficiency without custom reporting. Our team of database experts will take your data reporting requests and turn them into accurate and effective operational tools. Examples Include: productivity reports, quality and regulatory performance analysis, bill tracking and financial performance, one-off reports.


Look for an update on our Financial & Claims Data Services in the next Keena Bulletin!

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Do you have a form that staff have to always fill out with Patient Data?

  • State Immunization School Forms
  • Order Requisitions for Cologaurd
  • School Sports Permission Sheets

Reminder on where these .rpt files reside and pull from

  • Print Previews – pull based on the rpt file on the web server
  • Hardcopy Printouts – pull based on the rpt file on the print server
  • Fax Outputs – pull based on the rpt file on the fax server

Did you know you can make your own Crystal Reports that populate with patient data instead of staff filling them out? If you need help setting these up reach out to Christine!