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Issue #4

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The Great Resignation’s Impact on the Healthcare Sector

Provider organizations are looking to experienced 3rd party labor outsourcing to fill the gap.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 20% of healthcare workers have left their jobs since February 2020. Of those who remain, almost one-third report having considered leaving. Rick Pollack, CEO of the American Hospital Association, cited recent analyses showing there will be a shortage of up to 3.2 million healthcare workers by 2026. This is a problem that is not going away any time soon.

Are you facing staff shortages and an increasing tight and expensive labor market? Do you need help with short-term staff outsourcing  and/or long-term staff planning strategy? If so, we can help.


how can we help?

In the best of times, hiring and maintaining a loyal staff of skilled HIT labor can be a problematic. Dealing with a tight labor market amid the great resignation requires fast-moving creative strategies to stay competitive and keep staffing levels in a place that will allow you to complete important IT projects.

Look to Keena to provide experienced, leading healthcare consultants- many who have previously worked for organizations like yours and are managing clients facing similar challenges.



Our team will evaluate your project load, staffing requirements and the labor market to determine the best plan to address your immediate needs. We’ll also work with you to devise creative recruiting and retention strategies. Here is a partial list of optional services to address your complex labor needs:

  • Staff Training for New Hires or Existing Staff in New Roles
    • Training for New Analysts > a 12 – 16 hour remote course broken down into 2 hour sessions
    • Advanced Training on Structured Note >  (5) two-hour remote sessions with an education guide with click-by-click steps to create a structured note. Includes all 127 clicks, baby!!
  • As Needed Consulting Hour Bundles – Monthly | Quarterly | Yearly
  • Temporary Placement of Skilled and Experienced Consultants
  • Help Desk Services
  • Staff Planning Strategies

For information on any staffing or workflow assistance services, contact Christine Piper: or schedule a call with Christine.

We were at a point in time where our IT staff shortfall and tight local labor market had the potential to disrupt our ability to manage mission critical daily operations. After bringing in skilled and experienced Keena IT consultants to support our department, we not only were able to effectively maintain essential IT systems but also implement new quality and efficiency enabling applications and programs. 

The result was an increase in staff satisfaction and overall increase in our clinical operations and improvement in care delivery.”

DR. JANZEN, Medical Director Medical Informatics & Population Health, CMIO | Hutchinson Clinic


EHR Selection Assistance 

With staff shortage and recent product acquisition changes, it may be that some of you are looking for an unbiased 3rd party to help manage your complex and mission critical EHR selection process. If this is the case with your organization, please leverage the experience and expertise of Keena having worked with scores of EHR platforms since our inception.

Conversion/Archive Services 

By leveraging advanced technology, maintaining strong relationships with leading EHR/PM vendors, and utilizing our extensive conversion library, Keena will get your system online quickly and with minimal expense. KeenaArchive is a Vendor-agnostic Healthcare Data Warehouse with Intuitive Dashboards for Full Access to all Archived Patient Data.

in the news!


The hospital and large physician practice business segment acquired includes the Allscripts Touchworks®, Sunrise, Paragon, Allscripts Opal, STAR, HealthQuest, and dbMotion solutions.

How’s everyone feeling about this announcement? Let’s take an early temperature check! Please fill out this brief anonymous survey that we’ll share with everyone once we’ve compiled responses.


Attention Touchworks v20+ clients! Keena has started a client driven technical user group that is brought together to discuss common technical challenges around your v20+ upgrade. Recent topics include Application Pool Recycling and Monitoring; and addressing troubled servers.

Please join our next call – The 4th Tuesday of each month. Contact Christine Piper ( for an invite.

NOTE: You must be live on v20+ to participate.

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Do you generally struggle with your task management process with many tasks not being worked in a timely manner?

Make use of the Overdue Defaults in the Task Name Dictionary. Then, when a task goes overdue you can have a Task View of just certain task types that are overdue for a manager to monitor.

A great way to make TWEHR work for you instead of staff working for TWEHR.


  • Print Previews – pull based on the rpt file on the web server
  • Hardcopy Printouts – pull based on the rpt file on the print server
  • Fax Outputs – pull based on the rpt file on the fax server

* If outputs appear different, try copying the accurate .rpt to the other location for an easy fix.