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When it comes to creating and maintaining productivity reports, several clients find themselves faced with high staff turnover and/or challenges dealing with the costs of buying analytical software and the steep learning curve that comes with it. If you find this situation familiar, there are other options!

Several of our clients have taken advantage of Keena’s expert SQL programmers and their ability to provide a wide spectrum of automated reports. Whether you need a one-off report or ongoing performance tracking intelligence, our skilled TouchWorks subject matter and coding experts will quickly transform your requests into actionable reports to meet your data needs as follows:

  • Customized requests designed to meet the needs of each client
  • Scheduled at given intervals and delivered via email or saved to a network file location

Sample of Custom Reports Available


  • All Active Tasks
  • ApptCharge_DocStatus_DTTM.
  • Clinical Trial Analysis
  • EHR Controlled Meds
  • EHR Incomplete Notes
  • EHR PA Med Audit Report
  • EHR Wellness Report
  • EHR Worklist Report
  • FA Worklist – Order (Daily)
  • HCC Patient Report
  • Interface_Audit_EMR_Charge_Report (Daily)
  • Monthly Reception Report w/ Summary
  • No Login within 1 Month – Active Users
  • Provider Overdue Pap Reports
  • Tasking Productivity Report
  • Tasks Assigned to Inactive Users Report
  • TOC Report (Monthly)
  • Unprocessed Orders Report
  • Weekly Worklist Stats
  • YTD Encounters per PCP (Monthly)


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tips and tricks

Did you know SSMT can help provide insight into the TouchWorks database?
Do you have an extract that is far too large for SSMT to handle?

  • Analysts can use SSMT to determine the database call used to extract the Content Category by checking the “Show Database Calls?” checkbox prior to clicking the Extract Data button. When this checkbox is selected the database call will show at the top of the screen.
  • For example, if the above workflow is done for the Content Category of “Chart View – Sections”, the database call of “Exec IMPGetChartViewSections” will appear at the top of the screen.
  • This call can then be run directly in SQL OR a review of the stored procedure for insight into the stored procedure on tables accessed via SSMT.